Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 466

Chapter 466 An Yexuan To The Rescue

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Ji Qiongxin heard her son’s serious words and reassured him. “Don’t worry. Your father and I can settle these things. Before you return, I will try my best to prevent anyone from disturbing you in Country A.”

Xie Limo’s expression softened after hearing his mother’s assurances. Knowing that no one would disturb Yun Bixue again, he visibly relaxed. As long as he protected Yun Bixue well within his own boundaries, nothing should go wrong.

Nonetheless, he also understood that no matter how tightly-knitted his connections were, there would still be a few snags. That was why when he saw her working hard, he did not stop her even if his heart ached for her. He knew that Yun Bixue was not a canary in a cage but an eagle who wanted to soar by his side. Even though she was not mature yet, he believed that she would reach his heights one day.

On a typical summer day, Zi Bei City was scorching hot. Yun Bixue felt the intense heat as her body sweated in an oriental dress. Together with her drama team, which had completed the preparations and rehearsals, they entered the press conference venue with the drama trailer they brought.

Because of the promotion done beforehand, the entire hall was almost packed. With the host’s engaging banter and encouragement, the atmosphere was very lively.

“Miss Yun, as the deputy director of the drama, you had produced and arranged for it. Is there anything you wish to tell the audience about the drama?”

Yun Bixue smiled with elegance and confidence at the crowd. She waved her hands and held the microphone. “Firstly, I believe that there are many loyal game fans here. This drama was based loosely on the game. Although it was an ambitious and daring project, I believe that it will bring a whole new experience for everyone…”

While Yun Bixue was speaking, many people from below the stage started shouting, “It’s her! It’s all her fault! She’s with that Snow Cloud Group. Their makeup causes breakouts. My face was allergic to them, and they dared to say that there were no side effects! Miss Yun, are you lying to us again?”

“That’s right! They’re all fake products!”

Hearing these hostile questions and statements from the audience, Yun Bixue was taken by surprise. What was going on? This was not part of their arrangement. These people were obviously targeting her.

Without waiting for Yun Bixue’s reply, some people in the crowd started kicking up a fuss while others bagan throwing eggs and rotten vegetables at her.

“Kill them! They’re all a bunch of liars! They dare to promote their garbage. I bet it’s all fake as well. Everyone, don’t watch it!”

“Their products are all fake! The nerve of them!”

Although she dodged a few eggs and rotten vegetables, one of them landed straight on Yun Bixue’s face. The sticky egg yolk was all over her face, blurring everything in her sight.

Xie Shiyi, who was blocked by the crowd at the bottom of the stage, did not manage to rush up in time. As for the drama crew, they were at the sides and not the center of the stage. Even if they wanted to protect Yun Bixue, they could barely look after themselves as they were also pelted with vegetables and eggs.

At that moment, a coat covered Yun Bixue’s head, and she heard a voice saying, “Don’t worry. Just follow me.” Holding her shoulders, the owner of the voice guided her towards the exit.

In the midst of the chaos, Yun Bixue recognized the voice, and she was no stranger to the strength of this arm as well. Even with the coat covering her head, she could clearly tell that he was An Yexuan.

“Come with me first. If you have anything you want to say, do it outside. This place is a mess.” An Yexuan’s voice was no longer as bright as it was during their university days, but even if it had a hint of coldness, it still carried a calming effect.