Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 467

Chapter 467 : Yun Bixue Did Not Change

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Yun Bixue knew it was not a good idea to remain there. She could still hear the commotion even when both of them were quite a distance away, so she willingly followed An Yexuan. Once they reached outside, she removed the coat from her head.

They came out of a side door, which connected directly to the stage. No wonder he appeared that quickly to help her. Since there was no one else here, she could freely calm herself down.

Shifting her gaze from the door, she saw An Yexuan’s figure. He was still handsome and elegant, but he was not as radiant as before when they were still in university. He carried with him a solemn air that only time can give while emitting an aura of loneliness.

Yun Bixue’s expression changed. She felt the stickiness of the egg on her face and was about to raise her hands to wipe it off.

An Yexuan quickly took out a handkerchief and passed it to her. “Here, use this.”

Yun Bixue was caught in a trance as she stared at the white handkerchief. It seemed like time had frozen, and she was back at university with him. Whenever her hands got dirty, he would hand her a white handkerchief, just like what he did now.

A beautiful memory such as this from her youth still moved her.

Looking at the silent Yun Bixue, An Yexuan’s lips twitched, and he said coolly, “I’ll wipe it for you then!”

Yun Bixue snapped out of her trance and quickly shook her head. Without saying anything, she wiped the egg off her face with her hands.

An Yexuan stared at her. His mind trembled, and a glint as mysterious as a fog flashed across his eyes. This silent Yun Bixue played at the strings in the deepest part of his heart, just like the first time they met in university—when he was attracted to the pure and quiet aura around her.

“Bixue, you haven’t changed.”

Yun Bixue paused from wiping and raised her head to look at An Yexuan. “We have all changed. We’re no longer the same person as we were when we’re still students. By the way, why are you here?”

An Yexuan expression changed. He slid both of his hands into his pockets as he looked far away. The summer wind blew lightly around them, causing the leaves to rustle—just like how his heart had lost its direction in the swaying confusion.

He was here to look for Chu Fei’er, but despite looking for a long time, he couldn’t find any trace of her.

“I was passing by Zi Bei City to settle some things and to visit someone. It was a coincidence to see you here,” An Yexuan replied. He originally planned to return to inherit his family’s business, but meeting Yun Bixue here made him want to stay for a longer time.

He had too many things on his mind. When the two of them were standing this close together, it felt like he was back in university, and this made his heart feel like a weight had been lifted off.

Yun Bixue nodded her head and said, “Thank you for helping me. I’ll go back now to find my staff and colleagues. They’ll worry if they can’t find me.”

She had very complicated feelings when it came to An Yexuan. When she thought of their earlier memories, her heart would tremble for him, but when she thought about what happened afterwards, she wanted to stay away from him.

Since it was so complicated, she thought it would be better to avoid him altogether. After all, she couldn’t pretend that nothing happened after what he did to the Yun family.

At this moment, Xie Shiyi ran over to her. “Young Madam, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. How’s the situation inside?”

“Everything’s under control now. The few people who initially caused the riot have been caught. Someone must have deliberately planned this. The police have also arrived, and investigations are already underway.”

Yun Bixue was startled. Did she have so much power that all parties took action so quickly?

As though knowing what Yun Bixue had been thinking, Xie Shiyi said, “Young Madam, someone called Zhou Pingyu took office in Zi Bei City not too long ago, and he held high prestige for his great management. As soon as he knew what happened, he dealt with it right away.”