Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 468

Chapter 468 There Is No Story Without Coincidences

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Hearing Xie Shiyi’s words, Yun Bixue’s jaw dropped in shock. After a moment, she recovered and snapped her mouth shut. Indeed, there was no story without coincidences in this world.

She remembered asking Meng Xintong about where her boyfriend was. All she got from her was a reply that it was a secret and that she would know it in the future. True to her word, she now knew.

She never expected Zhou Pingyu to be at Zi Bei City, but she was elated to have someone she knew since it made things easier. She was Miss Yun in Ning An City, and many people didn’t dare offend her because of Xie Limo’s influence. However, it was different in Zi Bei City, where the good and bad mingled, and this made it hard to expand into their entertainment industry.

Now that Zhou Pingyu was part of Zi Bei City’s political scene, she felt reassured—knowing this fact made her calm down quickly. Thinking about this, Yun Bixue smiled and said, “Although some things happened unexpectedly today, I’m still in a good mood. Go and pack things up. I’ll treat everyone to lunch.”

Right now, she couldn’t treat Zhou Pingyu to a meal, but once she got back, she would take both him and Meng Xintong out to dinner.

While Yun Bixue was talking to Xie Shiyi, she forgot all about An Yexuan who was standing beside her.

An Yexuan listened quietly. When he heard Xie Shiyi call her ‘Young Madam,’ it seemed like a fog had clouded over his eyes, stirring something within his heart. When he saw Yun Bixue’s radiant smile, it really felt as though she didn’t change.

He misunderstood her for a scheming person. Now that he had thought about it, there were many baffling things.

Before she left with Xie Shiyi, Yun Bixue saw the coat on the floor. She picked it up and handed it over to An Yexuan. “Thank you for your coat.”

An Yexuan’s mouth opened slightly as he took the coat. He felt a little nostalgic. In their early university days, he would also put his coat over her, and they both thought it was natural—there was no hint of awkwardness between them. Now, they felt stiff standing beside each other.

He took his coat and gazed deeply at Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue did not care what expression he had. As long as he did not use the An family’s power to do something against the Yun family, she had no need to act friendly in front of him.

Holding his coat, An Yexuan stared at Yun Bixue’s departing figure before lowering his head to look at it. The weather was hot beyond measure, but why was his heart so cold inside?

After showering and packing up, Yun Bixue felt refreshed. She was about to take the drama crew out for a meal when she saw a text message in her phone’s anonymous inbox.

When Yun Bixue opened the text and saw information about the troublemakers earlier, she knew that it was Zhou Pingyu who had sent it. Her expression hardened as she read the message in detail.

Once she was done reading it, she turned to the director and said, “Director, go ahead without me and treat everyone to a good meal. I’ll pay for it. Sorry about this. I have something urgent that I need to settle first.”


Yun Bixue went to the police station at once with Xie Shiyi. She said to the latter, “I want to see the leader of the troublemakers, Li Erkong. Arrange it for me. ”

“I understand, Young Madam.”

After a moment, Yun Bixue turned to her. “Is self-interrogation possible in Zi Bei City? Is it possible to screen all recordings without the police so I can interrogate him myself?”

Xie Shiyi considered it for a moment, then replied, “It’s a little troublesome, but we have members of the Xie family in Zi Bei City. I will arrange it for you. Young Madam will be able to interrogate him tonight.” Xie Shiyi figured that this way, nothing would be kept from Young Master Xie. Once he knew that someone had treated his wife in this manner today, he would be beyond furious.