Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Young Madams Domineering Presence

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With one hand on her hip and another under her chin, Yun Bixue thought deeply for a long while. “Let’s go back first, then come back tonight.”

Before walking away, a frosty glint flashed across her eyes, carrying with it a murderous intent, as she turned her head to look at the police station. When she thought about the troublemakers who were just inside, her cold aura became more obvious in the scorching summer heat.

Yun Bixue hadn’t gotten even far from the police station when a group of reporters swarmed her out of nowhere. “Yun Bixue? You are Miss Yun from Ning An City, so what made you come here to Zi Bei City? Are you in charge of the drama?”

“Miss Yun, what is your relationship with Snow Cloud Group? Why is CEO Yang always so respectful whenever he sees you? He even said that you are the boss behind the company.”

“The makeup products under Snow Cloud Group were of inferior quality. What is your opinion on it? Have you already known about it and intentionally arranged for it?”

“It’s rumored that you are abusing your influence for your own convenience because of Young Master Xie’s backing. Aren’t you worried that this would affect Young Master Xie’s political career? Or are these rumors false and Miss Yun is just an incredibly selfish person?”

“What is your motive, Miss Yun? Are you here to disturb the peace of Zi Bei City?”

“I’ve heard that because a reporter asked you too much in Ning An City, he could not find any more jobs. Were you the one behind it? Was that your revenge?”

“Are you connected to the Shen family’s demise?”

All these aggressive questions left her reeling. Furthermore, these reporters were from Zi Bei City—they felt that Ning An City couldn’t touch them, so they were very daring and impertinent.

Xie Shiyi tried her best to protect Yun Bixue as she shifted her body around to block the reporters. She wanted to push them aside like what she did back then in Ning An City, but this was Zi Bei City—she understood that she couldn’t behave recklessly.

Yun Bixue’s face paled. This sort of tactless interrogation reminded her of the past when she was forced into a helpless situation by the reporters. If Xie Limo did not help her, she might still be facing this kind of questioning.

At that moment, she was not furious, but she missed Xie Limo very much. He had always protected her under his wings. Now, she was aware that she was too willful. What sort of people were these reporters? Why would they not dare to interview her after those things?

Yun Bixue looked at the excited faces in front of her and smiled coldly. “If you want an interview with me, you have to say first which media company you’re from and take out your identification cards. How else will I know if you’re legit reporters?” She was no longer the weak Yun Bixue from the past. The year that she had spent with Xie Limo had taught her to calmly assess and resolve such situations.

Hearing Yun Bixue’s statement, the reporters were at a loss of what to do next. It was fine for them to say their company’s name, but taking out their reporter identification cards might lead to Yun Bixue exacting her revenge on them. After all, some reporters in Ning An City had received retribution and served as an example to others.

“Miss Yun, you think you can demand these things from us just because you’re powerful in Ning An City? I’ve never interviewed someone who requested so many proofs.”

Yun Bixue swept a cold glance over them and said to Xie Shiyi, “Take her reporter identification card from her pocket.”

Before the reporter could react, her card was taken by Xie Shiyi and given to Yun Bixue at once.

Yun Bixue turned the card over and looked at it. “Oh? Lin Xiagui from Qingshan Television? Not bad. You have the guts. Since you guys do not wish to identify yourselves, then I have the right to remain silent too. If you continue to harass me, I will call the police. According to Zi Bei City’s 82nd ordinance, anyone who disturbs the public order or another’s life can be arrested. Do you want a taste of it?”