Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Rushing to the Yun family

" Cough, cough ... Miss Yun... Please calm down first. Your grandfather is alright." The doctor's collar had been dragged out, and Yun Bixue almost couldn't breathe for a moment.

"Tell me, exactly what happened to him?" Yun Bixue could feel the rage boiling within her.

The doctor could only reply unsteadily, "We're also unsure of the details. It appears that Old Master Yun met a certain person... and suffered from a heart attack afterward. We were lucky that the doctor on duty happened to pass by and managed to save him in time... But to suffer from such a shock..."

Yun Bixue listened to every word intently. She'd made sure to hide the news of her getting hurt from her grandfather. Then, who was it that told him, and for what purpose?

Yun Mengshi went to the Intensive Care Unit and saw her grandfather lying down with a pipe supplementing oxygen to him. She couldn't help but feel a lump in her throat. She stormed into the computer room of the hospital and found the video records of the surveillance camera. Sure enough, there were two people. Yun Mengshi and Yang Siru.

Looking at Yun Mengshi, Yun Bixue's eyes narrowed ominously.

The staff at the hospital saw Yun Bixue filled with killing intent, and they shivered involuntarily.

Previously when Young Master Xie had been angry, a majority of the staff had to be changed. This time it was Miss Yun's turn. They had no idea what to expect. The president could feel his heart beating against his chest.

Yun Bixue left the hospital and made a beeline for her car. She then headed for the Yun family at full speed.

She ran over countless red lights, and her eyes were bloodshot. She felt that something was trying to burst out from her heart.

"What the hell? Are you tired of living?"

"Are you trying to die... "

There were many outbursts of anger from outraged drivers, but Yun Bixue didn't care one bit. She had endured for such a long time, but those people had taken things too far.

When she arrived at the Yun family's house, Yun Bixue didn't knock. She just swiped her card and entered, holding a long metal stick in her hand.

"Young Lady, Young Lady... " The guard looked at the rage-filled Yun Bixue and gave chase in his shock. He had spent decades here, and never before had he seen Young Lady in such a foul mood.

"Everyone, get out of my way. Whoever dares to stop me is asking for trouble." Yun Bixue's eyes were fierce, and her entire being was filled with killing intent. Coupled with the black overcoat that almost looked like black smoke, no one dared to approach her.

"Who dares to enter the Yun family and cause trouble?" An arrogant voice rang out from the second floor. Yang Siru had spent the entire evening playing cards and had only fallen asleep early that morning. She heard the commotion outside right as she was drifting to sleep.

But when she saw the figure that entered the house, her jaw dropped.

"Yang Siru!" Yun Bixue shouted angrily.

Yang Siru's heart jumped. It was the first time that Yun Bixue didn't refer to her as Aunt, but instead called her by her name. "Yun Bixue, what are you planning to do? Could it be that you've matured so much so that you don't know how to respect your elders anymore...? The Yun family has sure raised someone ungrateful"

Without waiting for Yang Siru to finish her sarcastic remarks, Yun Bixue smashed the metal stick into the table. Pang! The carved wooden table was smashed to pieces.

"You... You... Mother, come quickly! There's trouble...!"

Yang Siru shivered and then ran towards Old Lady Shen's room. Was Yun Bixue out of her mind? Since when did she dare to behave like this?