Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Those Involved Cannot See Things As Clearly As Those Who Are Not

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A distant glint flashed across An Yexuan’s eyes as he stared intently below. At this moment, a man walked closely past him and offered him a glass of red wine. The man asked, “An, what happened? Are you still thinking of revenge? Yun Bixue seemed to have changed a lot. She was never this calm in the past.”

An Yexuan glanced at the man beside him. “You returned to the capital after graduating. Why are you here in Zi Bei City?”

“Your Old Master has asked you to go home several times now, but you always refused. He has even suspected that you’ve abandoned your home for some woman. That’s why he ordered me to come here and take you back.”

Hearing those words from his cousin and close friend, An Yexuan’s expression turned rigid. “You haven’t told him anything about Chu Fei’er?”

“Of course not. With Chu Fei’er’s background and status, how could she ever get Old Master’s approval? If I told him, Old Master would be even more upset. Since she’s already gone, just treat her as if she has never existed. As for this Yun Bixue, I can’t read her at all.” Young Master Yuan rubbed his chin and looked at Yun Bixue while deep in thought.

The mention of Chu Fei’er’s name caused a stir in An Yexuan’s heart, and waves of emotions began to crash through his heart. After a moment of silence, his expression changed briefly. He answered coldly, “Chu Fei’er… I think she’s still alive.”

“An, has a fever ruined your brain? I’ve never seen someone as devoted as you. You’ve tortured yourself so much just for a woman and even pushed the Yun family to such extremes. You’ve never flared up at a woman before, but you were so cruel to Yun Bixue just for Chu Fei’er.”

“I owe it to Chu Fei’er because I didn’t protect her well. I thought it was Yun Bixue who hurt her, that’s why I did those things. I’ve done her wrong.”

Young Master Yuan looked at An Yexuan and replied, “An, those involved cannot see as clearly as those who are not. You owe it to Yun Bixue too, right? How come you don’t seem as guilty towards her? Don’t tell me you think she’s a pretty good catch after you’ve lost Chu Fei’er?”

An Yexuan patted his cousin on his shoulder. “You’re overthinking things. My girlfriend in university has always been Chu Fei’er. Yun Bixue is… She is just…”Just what? An Yexuan couldn’t complete his sentence.

Reminiscing his early university days, he might have been fond of Yun Bixue. However, after so many things had happened between then and now, a lot of his emotions had been muddled. He couldn’t tell apart what was genuine or not anymore.

Young Master Yuan waited for An Yexuan to continue speaking, but his younger cousin stopped in the middle of his explanation. After sipping a mouthful of red wine, he asked, “Someone targeted Yun Bixue that day, and you helped her. How do you explain that?”

“I just couldn’t stand to see it, so I helped her.”

Young Master Yuan shook his head. “An, you have to be clear of your feelings. As an outsider, I can’t tell you that. But you really should return to the capital as soon as possible. If you don’t, Old Master will unleash his wrath. Don’t make him come and force you personally.”

“I know.”

“Also, you’ve been looking and waiting for Chu Fei’er for all these years. If she really is alive, she would have reached out to you and informed you a long time ago. Whether she’s alive or not, she hasn’t appeared in front of you. Let go of her now. You’ve already paid your dues.”

An Yexuan and his cousin continued their conversation while the press conference wrapped up successfully for Yun Bixue. Her statements were smooth, and all her replies were flawless. Under the reporters’ aggressive interrogation, she offered her answers with grace and confidence, winning over the audiences watching in front of their televisions. This established the foundation for Yun Bixue to progress further in Zi Bei City.

After the press conference, Yun Bixue saw Xie Limo’s text when she returned to her lodging. The text message said, “If you’re tired, just go home.”