Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 478

Chapter 478 When Are You Coming Back?

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Yun Bilu’s hands were trembling while dialing the number. She almost wanted to drop the call. However, her roommates were right. In the beginning, when she was pursuing Huang Yize, she hadn’t been afraid of anything, so why was she chickening out now?

In reality, now that she had already won him over, she felt worried about losing him. Before, he didn’t belong to her, so she didn’t have anything to worry about.


When the distinctly cold voice, which she hadn’t heard in a long time, sounded from the other end of the phone, Yun Bilu’s heart felt as though it had received a new lease in life. A surge of energy coursed through her as she stood up. Placing a foot on the bench, she put her other hand on her hip and asked, “Huang Yize, it’s me. Yun Bilu.” After speaking, she felt dispirited. She picked the petals of the flower by her side, at a loss of what to say next.

“Yes, I know.” Huang Yize’s voice sounded as clear and cold as before. She couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry.

Yun Bilu couldn’t guess his emotions. She pursed her lips, then asked, “You knew?” How did he know it was her? She had lost her previous phone and had just replaced it with a new number.

With that thought coming to mind, Yun Bilu’s eyes immediately widened in shock. “How did you know?”

“It doesn’t matter how I know. It’s been more than a month now. Why haven’t you stepped outside the campus?”

Yun Bilu broke off a small branch from the tree beside her and played with it. “Well, there’s nothing fun to do outside. Besides, I’m rather busy working with the student union now. Without you around, everyone couldn’t catch their breath.” Yun Bilu was actually hinting at his return. She knew that he couldn’t just ignore the student union like that.

Being a smart person, Huang Yize understood Yun Bilu’s nature and what she was getting at. He replied, “I can only return after some time. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.”

Yun Bilu was rather upset. “It’s been so long. Your absence will affect your grades!”

A burst of laughter sounded from the phone. “Why? Do you want me to return now?”

Even though they were just on the phone, Yun Bilu felt somewhat embarrassed. She stuttered as she said, “W-Who said I want you to return?” Her cheeks began to heat up. She thought that it was fortunate that Huang Yize wasn’t here now. If he were beside her and saw how she looked, he would probably mock her.

“Since you don’t want me to return, I’ll take my time. As luck would have it, I have additional matters to deal with at home.”

Hearing those words, Yun Bilu felt anxious. “Huang Yize, am I your girlfriend or not? You don’t care about me at all. You just dumped your girlfriend here. Shame on you.”

“So, you’re now aware that you’re my girlfriend? You’ve just realized it now…” Under the blooming flowers, Huang Yize sat on a chair made out of jade as he rested his head on his hand. He felt so speechless—he didn’t even know what to say! She was really so bad at reading emotions. On the other hand, it was a good thing that she was like this, or else she would have been asked out and taken by someone else already.

Yun Bilu turned around on the spot in an awkward manner. She then walked around the pavilion while saying in a sweet voice, “Huang Yize, when are you coming back? Everyone is asking me. As your girlfriend, I don’t even know anything. I can only laugh it off. Everyone here is treating me like a joke!”

“Half a month, okay?”

Yun Bilu thought about it. Half a month was reasonable. She muttered under her breath, “You don’t care about me at all. You don’t even know if I’ve been eating well.”

“For breakfast, you ate a pancake, a bowl of beef soup, and a hamburger. You attended two hours of classes in the morning. For lunch, you ate…”

Hearing Huang Yize break down her past activities and actions, and describe even the most intricate details, Yun Bilu removed the phone from her ear and looked at the screen, making sure that she wasn’t hallucinating. “Huang Yize, how… How on earth do you know all these things?”