Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Little Bits Of Sweetness

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Yun Bilu thought that he was too amazing. Unbelievable Could Huang Yize have become a real god? He even knew how much she ate.

“Hurry up and tell me. How do you know?” Whenever she was in a bad mood, she would pig out and overeat. However, her roommates were aware that she hadn’t been as passionate about eating as before.

“You were eating in the dining hall, so how can I not know?”

“Someone told you, right?” Yun Bilu tried to guess who it might be, but she could only draw a blank.

“They all know you’re my girlfriend. They’ll naturally tell me once they’ve seen it.”

Yun Bilu pouted. There’s nothing she could do about it then. She knew how influential Huang Yize was in school. Although he looked cold and distant, a lot of people really looked up to him.

In the past, she thought that the student union didn’t have much to deal with, but after Huang Yize left, it dawned on her that there was actually a great deal of work. It was also during this time that she realized how capable Huang Yize was—he managed to settle everything without breaking a sweat. If she were in his shoes, she would have gone crazy from all the stress.

A thought suddenly struck Yun Bilu as she recalled something. “Huang Yize, tell me. There was a guy who asked me out, and I heard he fell into a drain after that. You did that, didn’t you?”

“You can think about that yourself.”

Yun Bilu’s heart felt sweet as she considered the possibility. Was Huang Yize really behind that? Back then, she felt conflicting emotions, but in the end, he cared about her too, didn’t he?

While Huang Yize was on the phone, two of his subordinates came over to deliver important news. He could only say to her, “Bilu, I have something I need to deal with here. After I’m done with it, I’ll call you back.”


As soon as the call ended, Yun Bilu was brimming with energy. It was as though her miserable mood earlier had never existed.

She turned around and skipped merrily towards the dormitory building. On her way there, she bumped into someone—it was the belle of their school.

Yun Bilu pretended that she hadn’t seen her and continued skipping in high spirits.

Realizing that she had been ignored just like that, Ding Maimai was livid. She yelled, “Yun Bilu, stop right there!”

Yun Bilu continued walking but turned back as she replied, “Goodbye, Belle. Would I stay put just because you asked me to? You think I’m that stupid?”

Ding Maimai was so enraged that her eyes widened. She rushed forward, grabbing Yun Bilu’s arm as she asked, “Tell me the truth. You’re just lying to everyone, right? You’re not really Young Master Huang’s girlfriend, are you?”

Yun Bilu swung her arm, flinging Ding Maimai’s hand away harshly. “I don’t think this has anything to do with you. This is my personal business, so keep your nose out of it.”

“Young Master Huang belongs to me. You’re not worthy of him.”

Yun Bilu’s expression darkened instantly. Rubbing her arm that had just been grabbed, she got into a fighting stance and challenged Ding Maimai. “Are you threatening me? Looking for a fight? I’m up for it. I’m telling you, I’ve been fighting bullies since I was a kid, so don’t blame me when your pretty face is bruised by my punches, okay?” She absolutely despised narcissistic people like her—Ding Maimai really annoyed the hell out of her.

Back then, when she was pursuing Huang Yize, Ding Maimai was still in school. She always sneered at Yun Bilu, looking down on her all the time. She didn’t know why, but in the end, Ding Maimai’s family business had met some difficulties, so she had no choice but to leave school and return home. Little did Yun Bilu expect that she would still be here, pestering her right away after coming back to school.

Ding Maimai was simply a spoiled, sheltered girl who had never seen someone behaving like that. She hurriedly took a few steps back as she said, “Yun Bilu, you’d dare to hit me? I am the daughter of the Ding family. How dare you provoke me?”

Naturally, Yun Bilu was not intimidated. Even though Huang Yize wasn’t in school now, she still remembered what her brother-in-law had said to her—he would back her up. Why would she be afraid of anything?