Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Yun Bixue's Rage

"It won't do you any good to get the Old Lady. Tell me, where is Yun Mengshi...?" Yun Bixue asked, pointing at the servants who were close with Yang Siru.

"Young Lady, I don't know," one of them answered while backing up a little.

Pang, pang...! The living room was filled with the sounds of objects being smashed. After a while, Yun Bixue grew tired and stopped. She asked coldly, "Why won't you answer me?"

The servants looked at each other in alarm. Eventually, they said fearfully, "Miss has gone to the Shen family."

Yun Bixue suddenly smiled. "Good, very good, that's just really good."

The consecutive words of 'good' confused the servants, and they had no idea what Yun Bixue was thinking of. In their many years of serving the Yun family, they had never known that Young Lady had such a brutal side to her.

"Stop it, what unseemly behavior... " Old Lady Shen came walking out from her room, supporting herself with her walking cane. When she saw the mess in the living room, she almost fainted from anger.

Her deep voice rang out. Holding on to the metal stick, Yun Bixue curled her lips a little. "Old Lady Shen has decided to grace us with her presence."

"Yun Bixue, how dare you speak to Old Lady Shen in such a tone? She's your grandmother. You really don't have any manners." Yang Siru grew bold in the presence of Old Lady Shen.

Yun Bixue tightened her grip on the metal stick. "Yang Siru, you are so shameless. Do you dare to claim that you're not the cause of Grandfather's current state? Is that what you call manners and filial piety?"

Yun Bixue forced the words out between gritted teeth, Yes, she had never spoken in such a harsh tone in front of the family before, but that was because everyone had been at peace with each other, at least on the surface. Grandfather's health had also been good back then.

Her car accident and what happened to her grandfather were closely related to each other. If one gave it some thought, one could easily notice the details linking the two events.

For a moment, Old Lady Shen's eyes flashed with cunning look. She coughed. "Bixue girl, Grandma knows that you feel that things are unjust and you're upset. But what happened to your grandfather was an accident.

"No one knew that he would suffer from a heart attack. As his partner, I am very sad as well...

"But given your grandfather's condition, the Yun family needs another person to be in charge. I have decided to let your uncle handle the Yun family matters from now on."

Yun Bixue burst into laughter. "Grandma, don't forget that I have never accepted you to be my blood grandmother. Also, no one has the right to question Grandfather's decisions...

"Furthermore, grandfather is still alive. As long as I'm here, he will be fine. If anyone wants to make trouble again, they'll end up just like this."

Yun Bixue ended her sentence by swinging her metal stick across the room. All the glass in the room instantly shattered.

She could now confirm that both her accident and what happened to Grandfather had been orchestrated behind the scenes by Old Lady Shen.

"Ah... Mother, just look at her! Look at what this ungrateful, unruly b*tch has done to our house... " Yang Siru was so shocked that she had become hysterical.

Old Lady Shen replaced the cunning in her eyes with a hint of ruthlessness. She spoke calmly, "Bixue, if you do not wish to leave the gates of the Yun family's house today, I will grant you that wish."

With those words, Old Lady Shen gave the person behind her a meaningful glance, and Yun Bixue was immediately surrounded by ten or so hired thugs.

"Grandma, you really did keep your own forces in the Yun family. I don't think Grandfather knows about this, does he?!"

Old Lady Shen smiled kindly, but her eyes were filled with ruthlessness. It didn't matter now if the old man knows what happened, for she wouldn't let him interfere.