Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 481

Chapter 481 The Luxurious Car At The Istana

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Even though Yun Bilu was unsettled after hearing Ding Maimai’s words, she knew that the latter had intentionally mentioned it to her to make her feel upset. She had just spoken with Huang Yize over the phone, so there was no need to make herself feel uneasy for not knowing the whole story.

After hearing what Ding Maimai had to say, Yun Bilu patted her on the shoulder. “Okay, I understand. I’ll let you go now.”

Gaping at Yun Bilu’s departing figure, Ding Maimai touched her shoulder. How could Yun Bilu’s strength be so strong? She had almost crushed her bones.

Didn’t she care about Huang Yize? Why did she look unaffected? Ding Maimai was puzzled at Yun Bilu’s reaction. When she had seen how gentle Young Master Huang was towards another girl, she felt sad for a long while.

Yun Bilu kept the words Ding Maimai had just said at the back of her mind. Because of her childhood, she had grown up to be an optimistic lady. She didn’t dwell on the things that made her sad and only thought of the things that made her happy. This was the only way that she could see the goodness in life and work hard to survive.

As soon as she arrived at her dorm room and opened the door, she yelled, “My sisters, I’m back!”

“Oh my gosh! Hurry up, tell us. What did your Young Master Huang say? I’m dying with curiosity here!”

“Look at our Little Lulu’s happy face. I bet he said something sweet. He said that he misses you, right? Ooh…”

“He must have said this, ‘My Lulu, I love you, and I miss you. My heart is aching for you…’”

Looking at her roommates’ teasing expressions, Yun Bilu grabbed her stomach as she burst into peals of laughter. “You’re all killing me. That’s a bit over the top, but I do have some news. He’ll only be back after half a month.”

Once her laughter had died down, Yun Bilu said to her roommates, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to my café for dinner. What do you want to eat? My treat.”

“Wow! Little Lulu, you’re so nice! I want to give you a kiss.”

“Let me give you a kiss. Come here…”

That night, the four of them went out for dinner. They had a ball of a time, and in the end, they left Yun Bilu’s café with full stomachs. As they walked back towards the campus, a car drove past, splashing a puddle of water on them. The four girls were drenched all over.

“Ahh! What a stupid driver! Didn’t he see us on the sidewalk?”

“Exactly! No manners! He drove so recklessly!”

At that moment, a woman alighted from the car. She was alluring, but she looked rather haggard. “I’m so sorry. I had been careless while driving just now. Are you okay?”

Yun Bilu did a double take. She stared at the woman in disbelief. Elder Sister Bai?Wasn’t she Bai Yaoyao, her elder sister’s best friend and confidante?

Before Yun Bilu could snap out of her shock, Bai Yaoyao was already in front of her. Holding her hands, Bai Yaoyao apologized sincerely, then walked back to her car and drove off.

Yun Bilu noticed there was a piece of paper in her hands. Gripping the piece of paper tightly, she recalled the car’s plate number as she looked into the distance where the car sped off.

“Hey, that car looks like it came from our Country E’s Istanta!”

“It’s luxurious yet subtle. So classy.”

“Speaking of our president, he’s really cool and handsome, not to mention very capable. He’s indeed the male idol of everyone in the country.”

“You know, that woman is so weird. Could she be the president’s girlfriend?”

“Don’t spout nonsense. Our president has a fiancée. I heard that they’ve been engaged!”

Yun Bilu remained silent all throughout their heated discussion. She stared ahead and was lost in her thoughts. Why would Elder Sister Bai be in that car? It’s been such a long time. Elder Sister Bai had gotten prettier, but she had lost her vitality.

Yun Bilu didn’t mention the piece of paper to her roommates. When they returned to their dorm room, she discreetly unfolded it and saw Elder Sister Bai’s name on it. The handwriting was messy, and it was obvious that it had been written in a hurry. The address where she resided, the White House, was also written on it. The message said that she wanted to leave this place—she wanted to leave Country E.