Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Casanova With Good Skills

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Yun Bixue was furious. She shot Wang Qianjin a glare filled with hatred. It dawned on her that he had calculated his move earlier. He definitely did that on purpose to provoke her and draw out a reaction from her.

Wang Qianjin looked at Yun Bixue’s cheeks, which was puffed up in anger, and a glint flashed across his bewitching eyes. He wanted to reach out and pinch her cheeks to see if they would lose their shape.

“Young Master Wang, Wang Qianjin, you did that on purpose.” Yun Bixue stared at Wang Qianjin, her eyes brimming with murderous intent.

Wang Qianjin shrugged his shoulders and waved his hand. He went back to the couch and continued to lounge casually. Picking up a teacup on the table, he poured a cup of tea and offered it to Yun Bixue. “Yun Bixue, is there any bad blood between us? Why do you look like you’re about to kill me? Here’s a cup of tea. I guess you’re thirsty too. Have a drink!”

Wang Qianjin was neither angry nor furious, but his entire body emanated an evil aura. He gave a mocking look at Yun Bixue, as though utterly amused by her.

Yun Bixue noticed Wang Qianjin’s expression and composed herself immediately. She regretted losing her cool earlier. Touching her cheeks, she willed away the killing intent in her eyes. Wang Qianjin had spoken as though nothing had happened. This man was too cunning, and his abilities were far superior to others. Northern Xie and Southern Wang—he belonged to the same caliber as her husband, Xie Limo.

Furthermore, she definitely harbored a grudge against the Wang family. In the past, they had attempted to kill her husband. Although it wasn’t planned by Wang Qianjin himself, they still belonged to the Wang family.

Therefore, she had no reason to be polite towards Wang Qianjin.

Seeing Yun Bixue’s solemn face, and the way her face had instantly changed from being furious to calm, Wang Qianjin found her boring. Her animated reactions earlier were more exhilarating. “What’s wrong? You don’t like it? This is an imported tea that’s really fragrant. You can’t just drink this every day. Of course, you can rest assured that I won’t poison you here in Senior Hong’s house. Look, I’m fine even after drinking it.”

Yun Bixue stared intently into Wang Qianjin’s eyes and asked, “Young Master Wang, let’s get straight to the point. You obviously know my identity, that’s why you toyed with me like that. Can I ask you a question?”

The corners of Wang Qianjin’s lips twitched. Yun Bixue wasn’t one to be easily distracted! She wanted to ask a question? The corners of his intoxicating eyes slanted upwards slightly. “Hmm? What do you want to ask?” He continued sipping his tea in a relaxed yet graceful manner.

“Young Master Wang, do you also not show any respect to other married women?”

“Pfft!” Yun Bixue’s words made Wang Qianjin spat out a mouthful of tea.

A glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes. She definitely wanted to get back at him. It was a pity that he didn’t choke on his tea.

Wang Qianjin hurriedly yet elegantly wiped away the tea that spilled on his body. He looked at his suit with a hint of disdain as his hands rubbed on it vigorously. A cold glint flashed across his eyes, but it vanished in an instant. He turned to Yun Bixue and revealed a smile. “Yun Bixue, you’re really amazing. I’m a worldly man, and I have experienced a lot of things, but never in my life have I lost my composure.”

“Congratulations then, Young Master Wang. You’ve successfully outdone yourself.”

Wang Qianjin was taken aback. Looking at Yun Bixue’s serious face, he squinted his eyes. “Why aren’t you scared of me? There’s only the two of us here. If I were to do something, do you think Xie Limo would still care about you?”

A glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes. She told herself that she had to remain calm and not panic. “Young Master Wang has such a unique taste. You’re not picky with your options!”

Wang Qianjin’s chest heaved up and down. There had never been a person who could spark a fire within his heart with just a few words. “I don’t have a unique taste. You can try me out, Yun Bixue. Xie Limo’s woman must be pretty decent. Besides, I’m a Casanova with amazing skills. You have nothing to lose.” As he spoke, he strode over to Yun Bixue’s side.