Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Whos A Wild Kitty?

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Yun Bixue was so startled that she widened her eyes. Wang Qianjin was indeed very bold! “You wouldn’t dare. As long as I’m alive, I’ll kill you.” While saying this, Yun Bixue started to back away.

However, it was too late—Wang Qianjin had already grabbed her arm. Yun Bixue spun around and raised both her legs, delivering a strong kick that was packed with sheer power. She had completely used all her strength, hoping to take him down.

Dull and muffled sounds were heard as the two of them exchanged fists and blows. Their kicks were fast, strong, and accurate as they fought each other.

Their skills were evenly matched. Although Yun Bixue had undergone special training, she was still significantly shorter than Wang Qianjin. After a short while, her elbows and thighs began to ache, and her forehead started to drip with sweat.

As for Wang Qianjin, the longer he fought, the brighter his intoxicating eyes glowed. He flexed his arm and said in a challenging voice, “This is interesting. Esteemed lady, your martial arts are pretty good. Shall we continue?”

“Wang Qianjin, I won’t allow you to humiliate me even if I die!” Yun Bixue clenched her jaw, mustering all her strength and energy. She didn’t allow herself to slack off at all.

The corners of Wang Qianjin’s eyes twitched as he saw how Yun Bixue defended herself. Squinting his eyes, he said, “What’s so great about Xie Limo? He’s just like a wooden block. You obviously look like a little vixen, so why are you still saving your body for him?”

“Ahh!” Yun Bixue let out an exasperated scream as she picked up the teacup beside her and smashed it against Wang Qianjin. Her punches and kicks were relentless, raining violently on his body. “Limo is a wonderful person. You don’t have the right to insult him! Dead or alive, I belong to him and him alone!” Her words were dripping with domineering arrogance—she didn’t even hesitate when she shouted those words.

She truly fanned the flames of fury within Wang Qianjin’s heart. He had never had such a loyal woman by his side before. Why was Yun Bixue, the woman belonging to Xie Limo, one of them?

This time, he no longer held himself back. He used all his strength to lunge forward and shoved her down harshly on the couch, pressing his body against hers.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! How dare you!” At that moment, Yun Bixue’s fury couldn’t be contained as she bared her teeth at him. She kicked her legs at him while her hands began clawing recklessly at his face. She squeezed her eyes shut as she focused on scratching.

Two long strokes appeared on Wang Qianjin’s face. His eyes were also not spared. While he was in shock, Yun Bixue delivered a strong kick and immediately escaped. Without wasting any time, she dashed out of the house.

Wang Qianjin covered his face and sighed. Looking at her departing figure, the corners of his lips curved into a cold, enticing curve. He had underestimated Yun Bixue. She was actually a wild kitten.

Swinging his arms, he walked over to a mirror to look at his wounds. When he saw what had become of his charming face, his lips twitched.

At this moment, Senior Hong came inside the house and was slightly shocked when he saw the mess on the floor. However, after seeing Young Master Wang’s face, his expression changed drastically. He exclaimed fearfully, “Young Master Wang, what happened to you?”

Young Master Wang met Senior Hong’s eyes, and a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes. “Nothing happened today. Remember that.”

“Yes.” No matter how curious he was, Senior Hong understood that he had to pretend that nothing had happened.

“That wild kitten’s claws were indeed long…”

Senior Hong heard Young Master Wang’s muttered words and began looking around. Wild kitten? They didn’t keep any kittens at home. Earlier, Young Master Wang had only instructed him to look for something, and then this had happened.

He was an intelligent man. The Hong family was a household that served the Wang family loyally. Therefore, he would follow Young Master Wang’s words and pretend that nothing happened.