Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 487

Chapter 487 The Wilder She Is The More Interesting It Gets

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From a close distance, Senior Hong had a good look at the wounds on Wang Qianjin’s face. It had obviously been scratched by long fingernails. Could it have been a woman? Who in this world had such audacity and skills to hurt Wang Qianjin?

However, it seemed like Young Master Wang didn’t intend to look into the matter, that was why he could only continue to pretend as though nothing had happened. After a while, their private doctor arrived at the villa and dressed the wounds on Young Master Wang’s face.

The doctor was Senior Hong’s private doctor. He knew about Young Master Wang’s identity, so when he treated his face, he was exceptionally rattled. His heart was even filled with curiosity and fear. He couldn’t imagine what kind of woman had the capabilities to scratch Young Master Wang across his face.

Everyone knew that Young Master Wang cared so much about his face. That woman was really amazing! She even managed to evade being dealt with on the spot by Young Master Wang.

After treating the wounds on his face, Wang Qianjin leaned lazily on the couch and recalled today’s events. Yun Bixue? Interesting. She wasn’t boring compared to other women, and neither was she molded like a fine lady from a noble family. She was unique.

When she mentioned, in particular, that her life belonged to Xie Limo even after her death, complicated emotions crashed through his heart. He didn’t have such loyal women beside him.

Ultimately, a dangerous glint flashed across Wang Qianjin’s eyes. She was, indeed, a wild kitten. However, the wilder she was, the more interesting it was. The game had just begun. He wouldn’t be bored with her.

Yun Bixue ran to her car without stopping. The moment the engine fired up, she immediately stepped on the accelerator and sped off, returning to her lodging at once. When she returned, she picked up a glass of water and swallowed several gulps. After a while, she finally calmed down and grabbed her phone. She wanted to call Xie Limo and let him know that Wang Qianjin was in Zi Bei City.

However, she hesitated. If she were to tell him, it would add on to Xie Limo’s existing load of worries. In the end, Yun Bixue reconsidered and decided to put down her phone.

After this, she requested for Xie Shiyi and the directors of the drama to have their drama air at the earliest possible time. Even if it couldn’t be aired, she had planned to return to Ning An City as soon as possible. Wang Qianjin was too good at concealing his motives. Frankly speaking, she was no match for him.

At that moment, Yun Bixue also realized that she was not strong enough. She still needed to work hard and put in more effort.

During this period, Star’s Fate Jewelry was on the verge of bankruptcy. The owner had racked his brain to save his business, but to no avail. He had no idea why Star’s Fate Jewelry had been targeted out of the blue. Their past plagiarizing incident had been dug out and exposed, and one of their salesladies had been filmed being rude to a customer. The latter incident’s video was posted online, and it became viral and earned them harsh criticisms.

No one knew who had sabotaged them. The Internet was filled entirely with negative news on Star’s Fate Jewelry.

While the employees of Star’s Fate Jewelry slogged off, Bright Moon Jewelry’s business was booming. The number of their customers grew as their sales and progress skyrocketed. They were now way ahead of Star’s Fate Jewelry.

Star’s Fate Jewelry gradually closed down their outlets all over the country. On the other hand, Bright Moon Jewelry had started up a franchise globally. Their business expanded exponentially, much to the surprise of the industry.

Of course, when Xie Liu reported these to Xie Limo, the latter still commented about the slow progress. Xie Liu could only relay instructions to hasten the process—Star’s Fate Jewelry had no chance of survival at all.

That evening, it began raining in Ning An City. The rain had become frequent during summertime. Xie Limo watched the rain outside and felt slightly worried about Yun Bixue. Using his cell phone, he checked on the weather forecast of Zi Bei City and found out that there would be a thunderstorm tonight. He was about to send Yun Bixue a text when he suddenly received a confidential message—they had discovered Wang Qianjin’s tracks in Zi Bei City. He was linked to the Hong family, where Yun Bixue had made a trip today!

The moment he finished reading this report, Xie Limo dashed out of the door without hesitation. He immediately informed Xie Liu to bring a few men of sacrifice along. They were going to Zi Bei City tonight.