Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Rushing To Zi Bei City Dangers Across The Countries

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When Xie Liu received Young Master Xie’s instructions, he knew that Young Master Xie must be doing it for Young Madam. Only Young Madam had the ability to do this to him. Only she could make Young Master Xie act like a young man experiencing all sorts of emotions and losing his cool.

From his perspective, it wasn’t a good time to go to Zi Bei City tonight. Nonetheless, regardless of whether it was suitable or not, it had implications on Young Madam’s safety, so Young Master Xie would surely rush over.

Xie Liu hurriedly made arrangements. With Xie Qi, Xie Ba, and several other men of sacrifice, they began driving and caught up with Young Master Xie’s car.

The rain was torrential and pelted down mercilessly. Wearing a black coat, Xie Limo personally drove to Zi Bei City while Xie Liu sat on the front passenger seat.

Looking at the weather outside, Xie Liu frowned slightly and asked, “Young Master Xie, do you want to inform Young Madam?”

While driving, Xie Limo answered coolly, “No, her imagination will run wild. She’ll only be worried.”

Xie Liu reproached himself deep down. “Young Master, we’ve done a bad job. We didn’t manage to find out that Young Master Wang had traveled to Zi Bei City.”

Xie Limo’s face became solemn as he thought of Wang Qianjin. His expression looked dark, and a dull aura shrouded him. “He is the heir of the Wang family. I’ve said this before, if you can uncover his tracks easily, then that person you tracked wouldn’t be him. There’s no need to blame yourself.”

Xie Liu still felt disappointed at himself. He knew that Young Madam’s safety was of utmost concern to Young Master Xie. Fortunately, the latest report didn’t mention anything that happened to Young Madam. However, they didn’t know what had actually transpired at Senior Hong’s home.

When the car drove past an intersection on the highway, they arrived at a perilous roundabout. Out of nowhere, a car tailed closely behind them.

“Young Master Xie, bad news. Someone’s following us.” They were currently at the roundabout, and there were no surveillance cameras around them. It was apparent that the other party had come to target them. Xie Liu couldn’t help but feel that he had been too careless.

Xie Limo glanced indifferently at the rearview mirror and instructed calmly, “Activate the defense system inside the car. If they attack us, destroy them right away.”

“Yes!” Even though Xie Liu thought that it had been a rather risky night, he was quite thrilled deep down.

Ever since the men of sacrifice had arrived in Ning An City, they had not encountered a lot of opportunities to show their skills. It had been a long time since they showed their prowess, so they were starting to get restless with the lack of action. Tonight, they could fight to their hearts’ content. This dark and rainy condition was the perfect setting to show off without any reservations.

Shortly after, Xie Qi switched on the car’s defense system from the backseat. The entire car seemed to have transformed as a protective sheath covered its exterior, making it bulletproof. To top it off, it was equipped with a working gun that could shoot from all angles.

Their opponent’s car was also loaded with impressive weaponry, and it was obviously custom-made by professionals. It moved closer aggressively towards Xie Limo’s car, and they both raced against each other as they fought to survive.

An opening emerged from the roof of their opponent’s car, and a man with only one eye stood up and appeared with a gun in his hands. He aimed at Xie Limo’s car and started firing away.

When Xie Liu saw this, he looked shocked and was in disbelief. “Young Master Xie, is that the top assassin who’s been hired by international forces? He’s everyone’s first pick, the One-Eyed Viper.”

Xie Limo narrowed his exquisite eyes. “Do what you need to do.” An international assassin had entered Country A—this was something that he couldn’t overlook. The person who wanted him dead was truly bold.


Xie Liu understood that this assassination attempt was well-plotted. The other party must have waited for a long time before finally grabbing this chance. However, the Xie family’s men of sacrifice would never let them succeed.

During the pursuit, the silenced gunshots pierced the air incessantly as both cars revved up their engines to full throttle. In this high-speed chase, it was a competition of driving skills and quick reflexes.

Each time the car got shot by a forceful bullet, it would sway and swerve. If they were careless, they would veer off the highway. All in all, it was a risky situation.