Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 489

Chapter 489 News On The Rescue

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Although it was highly dangerous, Xie Limo had excellent control of his car. He remained calm and collected throughout chase and wasn’t surprised at all. He had experienced a lot of assassinations since he was a child, that was why this was all normal to him. Because of the Xie family’s powerful and influential presence, many people were after their lives.

However, the top international assassins were also outstanding. They were a team of highly skilled killers all brought together from around the world. They wouldn’t stop until they’ve successfully taken down their targets.

Even though Xie Limo was way ahead of them, they continued to hunt them relentlessly. Seeing that they were about to enter Zi Bei City’s territories, Xie Limo said grimly, “We need to kill the enemies before we reach Zi Bei City.” No matter what, he couldn’t take this dangerous gunfight near the public.


With the rain pelting down, it was hard to see the road ahead—it was almost zero visibility. This car chase was, indeed, a test of one’s skills.

With an eye dripping with malice, The One-eyed Viper stared at the car in front of him, just like a venomous snake. “Xie Limo, I, the One-eyed Viper, came to greet you personally. If I don’t take you down, it’s simply a disgrace to my name!”

Beside him, a woman was driving the car. She was the second-most skilled assassin and also the Viper’s partner. Despite being infamous and one of the best worldwide, she also felt strained this time, and she couldn’t help but comment, “Xie Limo is so hard to deal with. Even after training so hard, I’ve never been on tenterhooks before. It’s such a waste that he’s not an assassin.”

“Did you think that the Xie family’s powers are merely exaggerated? In more than two decades, Xie Limo’s experienced several hundred attacks, and yet he’s still alive. No doubt he has remarkable abilities.”

“It’s not surprising then that we’ve been instructed to make a sneak attack. I’m so dead tired. Hurry up, my eyes are losing focus.” Their target deliberately did all sorts of swerving and drifting techniques. For the Viper to make an accurate aim, she could only trail after Xie Limo’s confusing and disorderly tracks. Her head spun while it rained buckets, pouring on the windshield. How could she be having an easy time?

“You’re well aware of my skills. F*ck, Xie Limo is too good. His men are not easy targets too. For so many years, I, the Viper, have never failed a mission before.”

“I’ve never failed too, y’know. It’s causing me so much grief today.”

Because of today’s frantic mess, Yun Bixue didn’t leave her lodging at all. She stayed indoors and cooked for herself. While she cooked and ate, she always thought of Xie Limo. Checking the weather forecast, she found out that it was raining in Ning An City. She wondered if he had already slept.

Yun Bixue rested her forehead on her hand and sighed. Once she was no longer occupied, she would always be reminded of him. She had been impulsive when she said that she’ll be going to Zi Bei City. Nonetheless, he had never prevented nor reproached her, and she was miffed at him for not appeasing her.

She calmed herself down and thought carefully about their situation. As the time they spent together became longer, she grew from being calm to becoming more and more invested in their relationship. That was why it was easy for her to sulk occasionally. In reality, it was undoubtedly to make him care more about her and secure her position in his heart.

After being separated from him, she had calmed down and realized her mistakes. She understood that she had done many things wrong. She discovered his many, many positive traits, and she truly began to miss Xie Limo very much.

After some hesitation, Yun Bixue picked up her phone and called Xie Limo. However, no one answered the call. She sent him a short text instead to wish him a good night.

She sighed and put her phone down on the dining table. She began to eat her dinner, but she didn’t have a good appetite when she didn’t receive a reply. After washing the dishes, she took a bath. Feeling bored to death, she switched on the TV and tuned in to Channel Ning An—it was currently airing news on Ning An City,

A reporter was dressed in a raincoat as she announced, “We can see here that there are tracks left by tires that have slipped off the road. A while ago, a car had flipped over and fell down. Due to the heavy rain, the tracks aren’t clearly visible. It was apparent that several cars had been involved in a chase. After receiving an emergency call, a rescue team rushed down immediately and are currently in the middle of searching…”