Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 498

Chapter 498 The Bird Locked Up In The Golden Cage

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Yun Bilu really wanted to approach Bai Yaoyao, but she held herself back. She was full of suspicions and thought that there was something fishy about the situation.

Regardless of her aura or the way she dressed, Elder Sister Bai looked better than before. The only drawback was she appeared fragile and skinny now.

Not only that, these maids treated Elder Sister Bai with utmost respect, but they followed too close for comfort.

Seeing all these, Yun Bilu couldn’t help but feel utterly confused.

Bai Yaoyao looked at the white clouds dotting the blue sky and enjoyed the scenery around her. Breathing in the fresh air, she felt that her body was finally alive, and her heart was truly beating.

“Miss Bai, we’ve been out for a long time. We should have gone back earlier!”

Bai Yaoyao smirked and said, “Why? I can’t even come out now?”

The maid hurriedly bowed and apologized. “I beg for Miss Bai’s forgiveness. It’s because Sir will be here in a moment.”

Bai Yaoyao frowned. She really didn’t know how she should face that person. She felt exhausted and desperately wanted to escape. She was just like a bird locked up in a golden cage. She craved to spread her wings and fly, but she had no means of escaping.

He captured her heart, and now, her body was held captive as well.

Bai Yaoyao raised her head and looked around, but she didn’t notice anything peculiar. She sighed and said, “Alright, let’s go back.” She understood that it wasn’t these maids’ fault—they were just put in a spot. The last time she sneaked out and escaped, Xirong Ziye had secretly sent his subordinates to bring her back. The maids who had been taking care of her at that time were all demoted, and she never saw them ever again.

That was why she bided for time. She waited patiently for him to agree to let her leave, but after such a long time, he was still reluctant.

Bai Yaoyao felt that everything that happened in the past was a blur. In the beginning, she had no idea about his identity. She thought that he was just a poor man who was very hardworking and ambitious. To win over his heart, she spared no effort and even did a lot of disgraceful and wrong things for him. However, he never wavered. She just made him hate and mock her.

Now, their roles had ironically reversed. She wanted to escape, but he wouldn’t let her.

Back then, she was very fond of him and so in love with him. She did everything to have him, but when she started to feel hurt and tired of her love for him, he refused to let her go. In truth, there was no difference between being in the White House and in a cage.

Looking at the courteous maids behind her, Bai Yaoyao kept her emotions in check and said, “Let’s go back now!”

After a while, the sounds of an approaching car could be heard indoors. A cool and handsome man alighted from the car. He radiated a domineering aura. When he saw Bai Yaoyao, his demeanor and rigid expression turned slightly warmer and gentler.

When he realized that Bai Yaoyao was lying on the couch with the temperature of the air conditioner set so low, he lashed out, “How are you taking care of your Madam? Why is the air conditioner set to such a low temperature?”

Bai Yaoyao lazily looked up and glanced at Xirong Ziye. Even though her heart felt drained now, it was still beating faster when she saw him. “Don’t take it out on them. I wasn’t sleeping. I was just tired.”

Xirong Ziye’s expression changed. He walked over to her and held her hands. “Yaoyao, as long as you stay here, everyone will do as you say.”

Bai Yaoyao scoffed, “Xirong Ziye, what’s my status if I remain here? You’re engaged to Miss Xia Mu, and she is your rightful fiancée. You want me to stay here as your mistress? I did like you in the past, but I won’t allow you to trample all over my feelings just like that!”

Xirong Ziye’s grip on Bai Yaoyao’s hands tightened. He said coldly, “Bai Yaoyao, I didn’t like you back then, but you were very persistent. Now that you have caught my attention, you want to run away?” As soon as he said the last word, he held Bai Yaoyao’s head and kissed her madly.