Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Young Master Huang Is Back

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Using his right hand, Xirong Ziye gently touched Bai Yaoyao’s lips, slowly wiping the blood off it. He asked, “Do your teeth hurt from biting too hard?”

Bai Yaoyao shivered, and her heart shuddered as well. Even though he had trapped her here, she couldn’t deny that his occasional dominating words had caused her heart to race again. She was thoroughly captivated.

He possessed such skills, and that was why she had fallen head over heels in love with him. Her love for him drove her to commit many misdeeds, and now, the two of them had become so entangled that she didn’t even know what was going on.

Xirong Ziye lowered his head and looked at Bai Yaoyao. He asked, “Yaoyao, admit it. You still love me. Don’t leave anymore, okay?”

Bai Yaoyao tilted her head up and looked at him in the eye. She answered furiously, “Xirong Ziye, you’re so selfish. I feel like a bird trapped in a cage. You know my personality, don’t you? I don’t like this at all. Besides, you have a fiancée, and I don’t want to be your mistress.”

Xirong Ziye raised his brows. “When I had my first love, didn’t you barge into my world too? That’s why you actually don’t mind this, Yaoyao.”

“Ahh, Xirong Ziye, you didn’t have a woman by your side back then. I had no clue that you were infatuated with someone else at all. Besides, she had a boyfriend, so the two of you were not in a relationship. I’m not a mistress that time. Please do not insult me…”

Xirong Ziye bent down and leaned near Bai Yaoyao’s ear. He gently kissed her and replied softly, “I won’t insult you. As long as you stay here, I’ll do anything.”

“Xirong Ziye, if you trap me here forever, you’ll only have my body. My heart will die, and I’ll become an empty shell. Will you like that? You just want to punish me for everything that I’ve done after you gained some authority and power!”

“If you don’t like it here, I can arrange for somewhere else.”

“Is there any difference? I’ll still be a caged bird. I can’t fly anywhere else.” Bai Yaoyao thought that she knew everything there was to know about Xirong Ziye, but she hadn’t been able to understand him at all. As she mulled over it, she realized that she had been stubbornly clinging to her beliefs and had never really understood him before.

Because of her anger, Bai Yaoyao’s face was flushed, as though she was blushing from embarrassment and something else. Xirong Ziye noticed it, and a fire surged from his heart through his head. He replied in a low voice, “Yaoyao, satisfy me first, and I will arrange for someone to let you go outside. As long as you don’t escape, I’ll let you go out more frequently.”

Without waiting for her reply, Xirong Ziye kissed her aggressively. His hands slid down and brought out waves of shudders in her, one after another. A tingling sensation coursed through her body, eventually touching her heart.

A glint flashed across Bai Yaoyao’s eyes. If she could find a chance to escape from him, she could do this. This time, Bai Yaoyao didn’t evade nor struggle. Instead, she matched his actions and was as aggressive as him.

This made the fire within Xirong Ziye burn even brighter. In the bedroom, their passion was endless and accompanied by their seductive sounds. No one knew about it, and no one interrupted them.

Yun Bilu had roughly figured things out and knew why Elder Sister Bai was here. With a goal in mind, she would wait for an opportunity before sneaking in. At the moment, however, she wanted to look for someone who would help her as she had absolutely no chance of entering by herself. The security of this place was really tight.

It was, indeed, like a luxurious bird cage.

Yun Bilu sighed as she turned around to return to school. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hail a cab no matter how hard she tried.

When Huang Yize was seen carrying his luggage back to school, Ji Zhiye and the rest were extremely thrilled. Their idol had finally returned.

Yun Bilu’s roommates heard about it as well, and they leaped in joy outside the meeting room. They grabbed Xiao Huan’s arm excitedly and exclaimed, “Hurry up, hurry up! Let’s go and tell Bilu. She’ll be so happy.”

Xiao Huan pulled them back and said, “Didn’t you guys know? Bilu went out again today. She’s away the entire day, and she hasn’t returned yet. We won’t be able to see her now.”

At that very moment, Huang Yize was on his way to the student union room, and he overheard those words.