Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Yun Family's Unbearable Old Lady

Yun Bixue watched the rain curtain in the distance, thoughts enveloping her. She contemplated over the events that happened today, before getting into the car.

When she arrived at her home, it was late into the night. As she exited the car, Xie Liu handed a gold name card over to her. "Miss Yun, Young Master Xie has stated that if you encounter any problems, you can ask him for help."

Yun Bixue had wanted to refuse the offer. Something crossed her mind, however, and she accepted the name card, putting it into her pocket.

Yun Bixue walked toward the front gate of her house. As soon as she entered, a shrill voice of a woman said, "Yo, our Miss has returned, hasn't she. Some skills you've got, after being discarded by Young Master Su, you attached yourself to another rich person."

The remark came from Yang Siru, Yun Bixue's aunt, who had grown tired of Yun Bixue's grandfather's favoritism toward Yun Bixue and her sister, she took every opportunity to mock Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue felt a knot in her stomach. Su Lenghan had initially been her fianc, but he had immediately switched to having a marriage alliance with the Meng family after the fall of the Yun family.

However, she couldn't be bothered to deal with Yang Siru. After her grandfather was hospitalized, she rarely stayed at home. She had only returned for the sole purpose of collecting some documents.

Yang Siru couldn't bear Yun Bixue's air of arrogance. She blurted out in rage, "You sure have grown capable haven't you, even ignoring your aunt. If you are so capable, why don't you save the Yun family? If you hadn't offended the An family, ours wouldn't be in this state. You only know how to bewitch others with that vixen face of yours, too bad he's not interested... The old master treated you so well, yet you are doing nothing to help. You little..."

"Give it a rest will you!" interjected Yun Bixue's uncle, who could not endure it any longer.

"What, you a**hole, all you do is help outsiders. Haven't you seen how this ungrateful b*tch treated the Yun family?"

Yang Siru used every opportunity she could find to swear. Fallen from grace, she even had to cut back on her food and clothes. She had been bottling up her anger for a long while. Now that Yun Bixue was home, she took the chance to vent.

"Siru!" Old Lady Shen came down from the second floor with the help of a walking cane.

"Aiya, mum, what are you doing here? You need to be careful not to fall." Yang Siru's expression changed immediately. She went forward to support Old Lady Shen obsequiously.

"Bixue, you have returned. Ah, the hospital just issued a notice about your grandfather's surgery fees. Surely you know that your grandfather doted on you the most. I hope you can save him this time." Old Lady Shen looked at Yun Bixue lovingly, but those eyes were tainted with schemes and calculations.

"Grandma, I will try to come up with a plan." Yun Bixue felt a slight headache, she did not want to remain in the house any longer.

Heh, they sure know how to put it nicely. Under the pretext of being worried for Grandfather, they took over the house. They are all selfish people who have done nothing to help the situation. After all, the Yun family used to be a wealthy family. They had to have something to show, at the very least.

And they believed that the current situation was caused by Yun Bixue alone.

If it were up to Yun Bixue, she would have sold the car and the house to fund her grandfather's hospital fees.

But with the presence of people like Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru, she could not do so. She had to come up with other plans.

Old Lady Shen knocked the floor with her walking cane. "What plans can you possibly come up with? Here's the deal, I have discussed with the Qin family. Since you're so beautiful, if you are willing to serve Young Master Qin as his mistress, the Qin family is willing to give our family 100 million yuan. That will be enough to save your grandfather. You wouldn't like your grandfather, who was so nice to you, to be unable to undergo surgery, would you? I doubt you'd want to land yourself a reputation of being unfilial either..."

Old Lady Shen piled on the pressure, and she was even emotionally blackmailing Yun Bixue now.

"That's right, although Young Master Qin is very ill, he is still handsome. You've struck gold, what's there not to like?" Yang Siru gloated.

Yun Bixue wanted to laugh in exasperation. 100 million yuan, that was what she was worth. She wondered if Old Lady Shen thought that 100 million yuan was even a bit on the high side.

Yun Bixue suppressed her hate and bitterness. Did Old Lady Shen think that she was unaware of the condition that Young Master Qin was in? He was very ill, and couldn't walk properly. It was rumored that his days would soon come to an end.