Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Young Master Huang Picks Up Personally

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Huang Yize paused in his steps, and his expression changed. He raised his head from the document he was reading to look at the three people in front of him. His gaze remained indifferent, but his brows were furrowed.

With just a single glance, Xiao Huan and the rest quaked in their shoes. Oh no, was this for real? How unlucky they were to have Young Master Huang come out of nowhere and return at this exact moment?

Xiao Huan gulped and said, “Ahh, haha, the thing is… Young Master Huang, Bilu just went out for a stroll. She’ll be back soon.” After speaking, Xiao Huan regretted her words. Why couldn’t she just bite her tongue and say nothing? The way she explained it only made things even more obvious.

Chu Xin and Xiao Nan backed Xiao Huan up by nodding their heads vigorously. They were afraid that Huang Yize didn’t believe them, and seeing the look on his face, things were not going great. The atmosphere around them turned cold, and they couldn’t help but shiver.

Huang Yize replied blandly, “She’ll be back soon, but she won’t be staying at the dorm tonight?”

The three girls were speechless. Young Master Huang remembered that incident the other night so clearly. However, once they recovered from their shock, they realized that something was wrong. Young Master Huang was not in school during that time, so how did he know about it?

Seeing their stunned expressions, Huang Yize asked bluntly, “Where did she go?”

“Huh?” Chu Xin could not react in time since the topic had changed too quickly.

“You guys really don’t know where she went?”

The three of them could only shake their heads.

Huang Yize’s expression turned cold, and the atmosphere around him became so palpable that one could feel the chilly air.

“Well, it’s like this… Little Lulu has been keeping to herself lately, and even we don’t know where she went. Whenever she comes back, she looks troubled and depressed. Could she be seeing someone?” Xiao Nan chattered carelessly and said the last sentence without much thought.

Chu Xin was alarmed and gripped Xiao Nan’s waist tightly, shooting her a meaningful look. Should they be talking about something like this?

Xiao Nan sucked in a cold breath and shook her head immediately. “Ahaha! How is that possible? Our Little Lulu is very loyal to Young Master Huang. She couldn’t have fallen for another person.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Our Little Lulu misses you so much. She even lost her appetite. Of course, she only has you in her heart.”

“Yes, yes. Little Lulu would do anything for you…”

While the three of them were saying those flattering words, Huang Yize had already stashed his documents and left in quick strides.

The three girls looked at his departing figure and let out a breath of relief. They patted their chests, and one of them said, “Young Master Huang’s aura is too overwhelming. I have no idea how Little Lulu can bear with it.”

“Hey, our Little Lulu is no small fry. No matter how strong Young Master Huang’s aura is, she can handle it. But, frankly speaking, where has she been going recently? She’s not even telling us about it.”

“She has her reasons. We need to understand that and respect her. When she finds out that Young Master Huang came back, she will definitely be happy and surprised.”

At that moment, Yun Bilu, who was waiting at the sidewalk for a cab, was getting impatient. Just when she was about to blow her top, a car pulled over beside her.

Yun Bilu’s eyes shone like a radar signal, and she quickly ran over to the passenger seat.

Before she could say anything, the car window rolled down and revealed Huang Yize’s deviously captivating face. She almost staggered in shock.

While Yun Bilu stood rooted on her spot, Huang Yize said coldly, “Get on.”

“Ah?” Yun Bilu was gawking at him. She couldn’t recover in time because of the surprise and shock she had just received.

“If you’re not getting on, I’m driving off!” Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu’s confused look. He knitted his brows as his eyes shone in the dim light.