Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Surprise And Sweetness

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Yun Bixue had no idea what was wrong with Xie Limo, but since she was supposed to be asleep, she could only pretend that she was sleeping. She recalled what the gold medal doctor Ling Nanchen had said—no matter what happens, she needed to believe unwaveringly in Xie Limo.

Since she promised that, and after considering it for a long time, Yun Bixue felt that she should stand by her words and believe in him till the end.

When she had calmed down and thought about it, she realized that she wouldn’t even know where she would be right now if it weren’t for Xie Limo. On top of that, her grandfather might not be alive, so she understood that one should be contented and appreciate what they have, instead of being suspicious.

Compared to having nothing at the start, her situation now was a lot better. After this realization, her heart felt lighter, and she finally fell asleep peacefully.

The days passed as they should. When Yun Bixue went to work at Snow Cloud Group again, she found out that Star’s Fate Jewelry had closed down.

“Wang Man, you’re not kidding, right?” Yun Bixue asked in disbelief. Star’s Fate Jewelry was such a major brand, so how could the top jewelry shop in the country close down in such a short time? What was more, there were only a few shops left in Country A. This news was indeed hard to wrap one’s head around.

Wang Man nodded her head vigorously. “Elder Sister Yun, why would I tell lies? It’s true. Everyone here is talking about it. A few couples ordered their rings from them, but when they wanted to collect their rings, they couldn’t find them. They were so stressed when they found out. Also, a lot of people who wanted rings switched to Bright Moon Jewelry. This brand is really great. They were able to defeat Star’s Fate Jewelry in such a short time. Hmph! Serves them right! Who asked the employees of Star’s Fate Jewelry to be so arrogant…”

While Wang Man rambled on, Yun Bixue’s head whirred as she felt that something was off with the situation.

She questioned Wang Man further, and after knowing the time when Star’s Fate Jewelry started closing down, she couldn’t help but feel that it was related to her. Wasn’t it too much of a coincidence for it to start closing down right after her visit at one of their branches?

Yun Bixue wondered if this was done by Xie Limo. She knew that her husband would likely do such a thing to protect her. He had done it several times before to help her vent.

When she realized this, she was surprised and at the same time, touched by his actions. The grudge that she held against him vanished in an instant.

Yun Bixue then started blaming herself. How could she reprimand her husband like that? Thinking about how she had sobbed when she woke up that day, she hated that she couldn’t just hide herself in a hole.

The Xu family was facing quarrels one after another.

Master Xu slapped Xu Miaodan and said in an angry voice, “I’ve really raised a good daughter. So capable of creating troubles for me and so reckless. Do you know that because of that dumb thing you did, you almost destroyed our family?”

Xu Miaodan had been slapped several times, so much so that a corner of her mouth started to bleed. She glared at her father and hatefully said, “Father, you used to dote on me, and now you’re hitting me just because of that jewelry shop?”

“Dote on you? Hmph! Are you worth a few billion a year? If you’re worth that amount, I won’t hit you. Can you bring in that amount of money? The Jiang family is so dissatisfied with us now, and with the current state of things, we will be unable to keep our noble family status if we lose our ally from Tian Jing City. It’s not like you’re not aware of this.” Master Xu stared hard at his daughter. She was, indeed, arrogant. He used to think of it as pride, but the current situation had tipped the scales over.