Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Saying The Word love

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Most international powers leaned towards Xie Limo because when Xie Limo returned to Country A, the Xie family headquarters declared that mercenaries couldn’t enter Country A if they were planning to harm him. Otherwise, they would face the Xie family’s entire force and be destroyed.

Because of this statement, no matter how cruel the Xie family was, no one could blame them as they were not really at fault.

Once the case was settled, Xie Limo called his parents, and after thinking for a long while, he eventually decided to talk to Yun Bixue about something.

After their meal, Xie Limo washed the dishes and walked over to Yun Bixue, who was watching the television. He hugged her and rested his head on her shoulders, breathing in her scent deeply. Intoxicated, he spoke softly, “My dear, what do you think about our wedding ceremony?” He once promised to give her an extravagant and grand wedding, but because of several reasons, he was unable to provide her with such a grand one right now. If he were to hold an extravagant wedding right after the uproar caused by the incident with the Demon, she would be dragged in.

After that, Yun Bixue would be pushed into the center of the storm. She would unknowingly attract dangers, and he wouldn’t be able to ensure her safety. Furthermore, the elders at the Xie family were difficult to deal with. If he continued to be bent in his own ways, it would backfire, and the two of them would never get back the peace that they were enjoying now…

Since he was unable to remove these threats, he couldn’t use the influence that the Xie family had to hold a grand wedding for her. He’d rather be blamed by her for it than to put her in the way of any danger. After thinking all these, he realized that his heart was getting smaller, and he could no longer bear any thought of losing her.

As for Yun Bixue, ever since she woke up from her coma, her husband had treated her so carefully that she couldn’t help but feel that she was like a glass doll.

After being asked this question, she pondered for a while. However, she didn’t actually have much opinion with regards to their wedding. She felt that as long as Xie Limo was by her side, she won’t be greedy, but still, every girl would dream about the best wedding.

Yun Bixue thought about it and smiled sweetly. “Limo, the wedding I have in mind has you, me, and our families in it. With fresh flowers under the blue sky and the blessings of a few close friends, I will be contented with a simple wedding. It will be especially heartwarming.

Yun Bixue’s words tugged at Xie Limo’s deepest heartstrings, making him tighten his embrace. “My dear, you’re too good. How can I love you any more than I already do.”

Yun Bixue’s eyes shone. She pushed Xie Limo away quickly and stared into his eyes before saying excitedly, “Limo, did you just say ‘love’?”

Love? What a profound word. He had never said it, and this was perhaps his first time mentioning it. The intense gaze that Yun Bixue sent his way ignited his passion.

Yun Bixue continued to stare at Xie Limo and waited for his answer, but all she saw was his ears turning red. Eventually, a flush spread across his face. He looked so magnificent and elegant, as though he absorbed the beauty of the entire world into himself.

Such an attractive Xie Limo made her heart pound even faster. He was truly too beautiful.

Yun Bixue fell into a trance. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheeks. As soon as she realized what she just did, she was rather startled. She had actually been enthralled by her husband’s charms.

Just when she was about to push him away from embarrassment, Xie Limo held her head in place and kissed her passionately. “My dear, are you saying that my actions don’t show enough?”