Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Envious Of Yun Bixue And Young Master Xie

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Even though Master Meng had humbled himself and went to meet Meng Xintong personally, she refused to go home. It just held too many unhappy memories, and besides, she loved her newfound freedom.

However, when she was staring at her father’s aging figure, she couldn’t bear it. No matter how wrong he was, they were still related by blood. She was unable to overlook the heartache she felt for her father. He was, indeed, harsh on her before, but he was still her father.

Meng Xintong poured a cup of tea for him and sat down before she bluntly saying, “Father, please go back. I’m fine, and I do not wish to return to that house. It will just remind me of the kind of life I had and how you guys treated me. Living under that roof again will just depress me. Now that I can do what I like, I’m pretty satisfied with my life now.”

Hearing those words, Master Meng felt guilty and ashamed. He did not dare to see his daughter’s face and kept his head bowed. Holding his teacup, he thought for a moment before saying, “Xintong, I was blind in the past. If you don’t want to go back there, I can buy another villa for you, would that be fine? This place is so small. Aren’t you uncomfortable staying here?”

Meng Xintong kept a straight face, but deep inside, she laughed self-deprecatingly. “Father, I stayed in an even smaller place before this, but no matter how small it is, it’s still better than the Meng family’s big house. I’m at ease here. Father, if you feel alone and lonely, go ahead and find another wife.”

Master Meng shook his head. “Xintong, I will not find another one. I owe you and your mother too much. I want to make up for everything, so the Meng family will be yours in the future.”

“Father, I’ve always relied on myself and never eyed the Meng family’s business.”

“Your mother’s effort is in it as well. I already got the lawyer to write the documents and agreement. You are my only heir, and all of the Meng family’s assets will be under your name. I’m already old, so I want to travel around and visit the places that I’ve once visited together with your mother.” As he said this, Master Meng left the documents on the table and rose to leave.

His aging figure carried an air of desolation. He had only realized who was the best, but it seemed too late now.

Meng Xintong looked at her father’s slouching form, his head full of white hair, and his eyes rimmed in red. No matter what, he was still her father, and she wasn’t as hard-hearted as she thought she would be.

When Master Meng was about to step out, Meng Xintong loudly said, “Father, take good care of yourself. I’ll go back to visit you.”

“Alright… That’s good to hear…” Master Meng nodded his head several times but didn’t dare to turn around as tears gushed down his face.

After her father’s visit, Meng Xintong made a call to Yun Bixue. She explained the situation and expressed her loyalty as well. If Yun Bixue needed her help in the future, the Meng family would do their best to support her.

Yun Bixue was, of course, happy for Meng Xintong. She also told her about her upcoming wedding ceremony.

Meng Xintong’s mood brightened considerably when she heard this. She said excitedly, “Yes, I must attend it. I can be one of your bridesmaids!”

A thought suddenly struck Meng Xintong, and she changed the topic as she said, “Miss Yun, you don’t know the reason why Zhou Pingyu went to Zi Bei City, right?”

“Speaking of Zhou Pingyu, I want to express my gratitude. He has helped me several times while I was there!” When she was in Zi Bei City, things ran a lot smoother because of him. Indeed, having comrades in the political scene was a great advantage.

Meng Xintong said earnestly, “Miss Yun, I’m very envious of you and Young Master Xie. I wish you both the best. He really adores you, and he’s very attentive to your needs. Knowing that you were going to Zi Bei City to expand your entertainment business, he arranged for Zhou Pingyu to work there so he could assist you. That’s why you shouldn’t thank us. It’s Young Master Xie who really deserves your thanks.”