Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 516

Chapter 516 The Photo That Young Master Xie Hid

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Yun Bixue started to plan and set up countermeasures. Although she was no longer the same Yun Bixue from the past, Chu Fei’er’s schemes were not the usual kind either, so she had to be fully prepared for them.

Yun Bixue’s face remained serious and frigid the entire afternoon, regardless of what she was doing. Her expression was so cold that the entire Snow Cloud Group could feel the change in the atmosphere around her.

Because the reporters in Zi Bei City once asked Yun Bixue if she was the owner of Snow Cloud Group, everyone speculated that Snow Cloud Group’s true boss was her.

Everyone had their speculations, but no one dared to confirm it. Worried that it was the truth, everyone treated Yun Bixue respectfully, and seeing that she wasn’t in a good mood, they didn’t dare to joke around. They minded their own business and worked hard quietly.

After much consideration, Yun Bixue ordered Yun Dong to find out information regarding the woman behind Xu Miaodan in the quickest possible time. Even the location of the person would be good.

She was about ninety percent sure that the person behind Xu Miaodan was Chu Fei’er.

When everything was arranged, after making sure that there weren’t any loopholes, she let out a sigh. When she reached home, she was still distracted, and her mood was as good as it was when she was in the office.

Naturally, Xie Limo could tell that Yun Bixue was in a bad mood. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Weren’t you very happy these past few days? What happened?”

Yun Bixue shook her head. She wanted to smile at Xie Limo, but because of her mood, she couldn’t. She wanted to confess her love for him, but the current atmosphere made it inappropriate.

Remembering what Chu Fei’er said about the photo, Yun Bixue tried to shake that thought off her mind. She promised that she would believe in her husband, so how could she doubt him just because someone randomly said something? She would not do something like that, of course. She would always keep her trust in him.

Yun Bixue decided to mention it to Xie Limo. She tugged his hand and pouted before saying, “Hubby, someone called today and said that you’re hiding a photo of a woman. I’m not going to believe it since they did it to come between us. I said that I trust you, so I will.”

Once Yun Bixue finished saying this, she noticed the sorrow in Xie Limo’s expression, and she couldn’t help but stare at him uneasily. Could it be true? At that moment, it felt like something had pierced her heart, and she found it difficult to breathe.

Her grip on Xie Limo’s hand tightened involuntarily. With a pale face, she asked in a hesitating voice, “Hubby, is it true? Or did I say something wrong?”

Xie Limo snapped out of his daze when he felt his hand hurt from Yun Bixue’s grip. He removed his hand and lightly patted the back of her hand before turning to leave.

Looking at her empty hand, Yun Bixue felt mounting despair. Her heart felt equally empty, and her mind was blank. Even if she wanted to hold on to something, she couldn’t.

Yun Bixue picked up the teacup on the table and started drinking sip by sip as she tried to calm the turmoil in her heart. However, she was frowning, so she still appeared upset.

When she finished her cup, she reached out to pour more tea, but she was stopped by Xie Limo’s hand. “Don’t drink cold water or tea. How many times did I remind you? You never listen and always make me worry.”

The moment she heard his voice, she raised her head to see Xie Limo’s adoring and loving gaze, making her heart squeeze tightly. Although he was chiding her, his tone carried his guilt and heartache.

When Yun Bixue shifted her gaze and saw what Xie Limo was holding in his hands, she did not know how to react.

It was a photo. He did have a photo after all.