Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Country M Governed By Monarchy

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The murderous glint in Xie Limo’s eyes disappeared as he nodded. “Okay.” After saying this, he caressed Yun Bixue’s head.

However, in Xie Limo’s heart, this Chu Fei’er person was already on the kill list of the Xie family. She was definitely not a simple person since she could dig up information about his younger sister, which was from so many years ago, and the photo that he kept secretly.

Furthermore, this person was trying to come in between his relationship with his wife. If this Chu Fei’er thought that Yun Bixue wouldn’t mention the photo to him on her own accord, then her plan was a failure right from the start.

Xie Limo was unable to overlook this incident. If it weren’t for Yun Bixue, who wanted Chu Fei’er to be handed to her, Xie Limo would’ve already ordered a kill-on-sight on her. They would never rest until she was dead.

After this night, the couple fell deeper in love with each other. Whenever they talked about the details of their wedding, Yun Bixue’s face lit up with joy.

A few days later, Yun Bixue received some information from Yang Mei. The signal from Chu Fei’er’s call indicated that she was in the capital of Country M.

“Country M?” A suspicious glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes as she stood up at once.

Country M was different from the other countries since they were still governed by a monarchy. Why would Chu Fei’er be in Country M? And if she was in that country, how did she find out her phone number?

At the same time, Yun Dong reported that the person behind Xu Miaodan was in Country E. Although she hadn’t found out the person’s name yet, it was known that Xu Miaodan never called her Chu Fei’er.

Yun Bixue thought deeply about it. After a while, she asked Yun Dong, “Is she still in Country E?”

“The signal today is a mess. She’s no longer in Country E.”

An idea popped in Yun Bixue’s head as she mumbled, “Could she have changed her name? So that all of us can’t track her?” Yun Bixue felt that it was highly possible, so she had to find her based on her photo.

Finally, Yun Bixue instructed Yang Mei, “Gather a few men of sacrifice and do an investigation at Country M. Check if a person called Chu Fei’er exists there. Also, tell them to dress like civilians so they won’t stand out. After all, Country M is governed by a monarch, so we have to follow their laws.”


A thought suddenly struck her, and she added coldly, “Also, send a few people to watch An Yexuan and the Yuan family closely. If there’s any suspicious movement, report to me immediately.”


No one knew how the news of Yun Bixue and Xie Limo’s wedding got leaked out, but the people of Ning An City were excited and looking forward to it.

On the other hand, the noble families who formed an alliance were frightened since they didn’t understand what Xie Limo was trying to convey with this. Nonetheless, they felt that Young Master Xie’s marriage would be the best chance for them, so they started to plan for it.

In a certain base of the Xie family in Ning An City, the Demon—who was the second-best assassin—was currently locked up and being interrogated.

Even after being imprisoned for a long time, the Demon still refused to speak.

When Xie Limo heard about this, he decided to go there personally with Xie Liu.

With a hint of amazement in his voice, Xie Liu said, “Young Master Xie, as expected of the Demon, the second-best assassin, her bones are even stronger than a man’s.”

Xie Limo didn’t think much about it. “She isn’t speaking because we aren’t using the correct methods. Don’t give her a chance to kill herself. Have you tried hypnosis?”

“We’ve tried, but her will is too strong for her to be hypnotized.”

Xie Limo replied coldly, “If we used hypnotism when she’s on the brink of death, would it still not work?”

Xie Liu was startled. They had yet to force the Demon to the brink of death. At that point, a person’s will would be at its weakest, and the hypnotism would definitely work.

“Xie Liu, I hope that next time, you won’t make me come down personally for such a small thing.” Even though the car chase that day was alarmingly dangerous, it was not enough to make Xie Limo pay attention to it. What sealed the deal was the shock his wife had to go through, so he had to make sure that these people paid for it.