Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 523

Chapter 523 He Wronged Her In The Past

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Su Lenghan did not try to visit Meng Xinyan again after that incident. He couldn’t understand how she could be so heartless. Since then, his focus was entirely on his child.

People always said that a mother’s love was the best when it came to her child, but a few days had already passed and Meng Xinyan still never mentioned that she wanted to see the baby. Instead, she always kicked up a fuss saying that she didn’t believe that it was a girl.

She kicked up an even bigger fuss when she realized that Su Lenghan was avoiding her.

Earlier, when Su Lenghan was waiting for her to wake up by her bedside, he wanted to tell her that it had been tough for her. However, when she woke up, he couldn’t manage to get those words out of his mouth. He realized that he couldn’t say any of those caring words since they would only come out as false.

The baby was small. She was around three kilograms only, so she needed a lot of care. He stayed in the hospital to keep his child company and even learned how to take care of her from the doctor.

The doctors and nurses secretly admired Su Lenghan. They all felt that he was the most handsome and patient father ever. However, many of them pitied Su Lenghan as well. He was a decent man and father, but he had to carry a burden like Meng Xinyan, who always went overboard.

There were also people who criticized Su Lenghan and said that he deserved it. If he did not go back on his words on the Yun family, he would not experience this difficult situation he was in.

Su Lenghan heard all the judgments that were being passed around about him, but he only smiled. He now had a focus in his life, and he had something to look forward to—his biological daughter.

After a discussion with his parents, Su Lenghan gave his daughter the nickname ‘Yangyang,’ hoping that her life would be as warm as the sunlight and that she would be able to bring happiness to others and hope to the Su family.

Her full name would be Su Yangtan, which also carried the meaning of warmth, and the deeper meaning behind this name would only be known to him.

When Yun Bixue heard about Su Lenghan’s daughter, she and Xie Limo prepared a gift and sent it over.

Su Lenghan ignored all the gifts that were given to him except the one from Yun Bixue. When he opened it, he saw a letter of congratulations on top of several items for an infant. Su Lenghan’s eyes rimmed in red while he read the letter. After a moment, he buried his head in it as he tried to calm his emotions.

His child’s mother did not prepare anything for her, and it was Yun Bixue who had attentively thought of all this. He did not think much about it back then, but at that very moment, his heart was crushed.

He held the baby blanket and toys and showed it to the baby. “Yangyang, these are gifts from your Aunt Yun. These are all things you need. Your father wronged her in the past…”

From this moment on, Su Lenghan had a daughter to take care of, and she was someone who he could freely talk to as well.

He would have never expected that his grown-up daughter in the future would have more memories with Yun Bixue than anyone else.

Furthermore, decades after, Su Yangtan would bury the things that Yun Bixue once gave Su Lenghan together with him.

But, of course, all these were stories for another time. The Su Lenghan at the present time was just an ordinary father ranting about the past events to his daughter. Although she couldn’t understand what he was saying, Su Lenghan was happy that he finally had a person who he could vent to.

When Su Family Organization got back on the right track, Zhou Zinan returned to Snow Cloud Group to help Yun Bixue manage her organization. He was also informed that Miao Zifu got parole and would be released at an earlier date.

Zhou Zinan was ecstatic when he told Yun Bixue this good news. Yun Bixue was also excited to hear it and hurriedly planned a welcoming banquet for her. It would be held in University T’s tower, where all their memories—whether happy or sad—as a university student began. She wanted Miao Zifu to bid farewell to her past and to start over again.