Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Dealing With Chu Fei'er

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Hearing these words from An Yexuan, her expression turned cold as she laughed scornfully. An Yexuan was never a lively and warm guy as he was always the first one to suspect her. He was no longer the man she knew from her freshman year in university.

“An Yexuan, you can think whatever you want. The innocent know that they are innocent, while those who are guilty would know it themselves too. No matter what I’m like, it’s not in your place to question me. I have done nothing that went against my conscience. An Yexuan, are you calling because you’re going to strike at my family again? Ha! The Yun family has long gone bankrupt. Whatever you want to do, send it my way, and I’ll deal with it!” Her voice was brimming with confidence. She was no longer the silly and naive Yun Bixue he knew, and she had learned how to protect herself. Furthermore, she had Xie Limo, so she wasn’t alone unlike before.

Even without comparisons, she had always felt that her husband was the best. Now, comparing Xie Limo to this kind of trashy guy, she felt even more strongly that her husband was the best in the entire world. Only Xie Limo would care for her without any reason and fully trust her on any condition.

“Yun Bixue, you dare to call yourself innocent? Aren’t you with Miao Zifu right now?”

Yun Bixue turned her head around quickly and saw An Yexuan on the opposite side. How did he know that they were here? She didn’t conceal her movements on purpose, so this was likely planned by someone behind their back.

Miao Zifu heard Yun Bixue’s words and turned around as well. The moment she saw An Yexuan, a turmoil rose in her heart, but it calmed down in a short while. After being in prison for such a long time, she learned how to be calm and rational. She knew her own place and clearly understood what she should and should not do.

She no longer wanted to be used by someone like a puppet.

As soon as Yun Bixue saw An Yexuan’s figure, she hung up. There was no need to waste her time and deal with him.

Irritation crept up on An Yexuan when he saw Yun Bixue put down the call. He had nowhere to vent the turmoil of emotions within him, so he could only stare at her, this once familiar woman who was, at the same time, also a stranger to him.

Miao Zifu grabbed Yun Bixue’s hand to comfort her. “No matter what he says, don’t get angry. I think that since Chu Fei’er is still alive, she must have met An Yexuan or sent him something on purpose. Knowing him, he’d definitely lose his rationality.” After all those years of staying by Chu Fei’er’s side while gushing at An Yexuan, she understood their style of doing things.

Yun Bixue sighed and mentioned Chu Fei’er’s call the other day, telling her everything their former roommate had said to her.

Miao Zifu was slightly startled at this, but she was already mentally prepared. “So, she’s really alive. She’s still scheming to destroy your life again. Bixue, you mustn’t be affected by her. Now that I think about it, I think there’s something wrong with Chu Fei’er’s mindset. She’s always jealous of you. We know that she’s adopted, but her past is definitely not that simple. Her heart is black as coal.”

Yun Bixue furrowed her brows as her expression changed. “I’ve checked before. Her cell phone’s signal was from Country M, but the signal disappeared after a few days. I’ve also secretly sent some people to Country M to investigate.”

“Thank you for trusting me, Bixue. I’ll deal with Chu Fei’er and make sure she’ll never harm you again.”

Yun Bixue rejected Miao Zifu’s offer, but the latter insisted on helping her saying that she would trace the evidence personally.

On the other side, An Yexuan started to walk towards Yun Bixue. It was her first time hanging up on him, so he wanted to question her further if she felt guilty indeed.

However, before he could get even closer, ten bodyguards in black suits surrounded Yun Bixue in a protective circle, blocking him from getting nearer.

Xie Qi looked at An Yexuan coldly and said sternly, “Sir, Young Master Xie has instructed us to not let any man come within a ten-meter radius of Young Madam. If you decide to continue, then proceed at your own risk.”