Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Please Pick Me Up?

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Xie Qi tweaked Young Master Xie’s original words a little. Because of that incident in Zi Bei City where Young Master Wang tried to get close to her, Young Master Xie instructed them not to allow anyone who was trying to harm Young Madam within a ten-meter radius.

Xie Qi had been guarding Young Madam for a few times now. Based on Young Madam’s reaction and this man’s malicious expression, Xie Qi decisively stepped in and stopped him from getting closer.

The bodyguard’s statement was a huge blow to An Yexuan. After all, Yun Bixue was once a quiet and gentle girl who had willingly stayed close to him. She even sat in front of him or on the seat behind him on his bike. He had seen her happy, furious, and hurt. At that moment, the numerous sides of her surfaced from within his memories.

Now, he was being blocked by these people. With a single glance, he could tell that he was no match for them. He was only a few steps away from Yun Bixue, but it felt like they were separated by a galaxy.

He couldn’t describe the feelings and emotions he felt towards her. For such a long time, finding Chu Fei’er had been his only goal, but one day, he suddenly found out that these were all planned by Yun Bixue, that was why he could no longer keep his calm.

Unlike before, he did not attack the Yun family directly. This time, he wanted to ask her, but she was no longer someone who would allow him to question or suspect her, much less get close to her.

When Yun Bixue heard Xie Qi’s statement, she applauded his performance inwardly.

She gave An Yexuan a quick glance, and a complicated look flashed in her eyes. She was a little disappointed in him as she recalled the past. Finally, she bit her lips and decided to call Xie Limo. “Hello, hubby.”

Hearing Yun Bixue’s gentle voice, Xie Limo put down the documents he was holding and walked to the window. He laughed softly and asked, “What is it? Did someone bully you?” Whenever she used this kind of tone, it was usually because she had something she wanted him to do.

The moment Yun Bixue heard Xie Limo’s voice, her heart warmed, and all her unhappiness vanished in an instant. “Hubby, I miss you. Can you please come and pick me up?”

Xie Limo raised his arm to look at the time. His expression changed, but he replied with a smile, “Sure, I’ll go there and pick you up. Where are you?”

“I’m on the third floor of University T’s hotel.”

“Okay, just wait for me there. I’ll go over right away.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head gently and smiled. “Okay, I’ll wait for you here.”

From An Yexuan’s spot, he could see Yun Bixue’s lowered head revealing warm traces of a sweet smile. He had never seen such a blissful expression on her face before.

After Xie Limo hung up the call, he picked up his keys and left his office. As he walked past the secretary, he instructed, “Cancel the two meetings in the afternoon and arrange them for another date.”

The secretary’s jaw dropped so wide you could fit an egg into his mouth. Those two meetings were very important, and Young Master Xie was going to cancel them just like that? It wouldn’t be good to do this, right?

He wanted to chase after him to ask for an explanation, but when he saw Young Master Xie’s elegant departing figure and remembered the things he did in the past, he swallowed hard and stayed put.

He could only hold it in and make necessary arrangements, saying that the meetings were canceled. Of course, no matter what mess ensued afterward, Young Master Xie paid no heed to it since he only had his wife on his mind.

After a short while, Xie Limo drove to University T’s hotel and arrived on the third floor.

As soon as they saw each other, Yun Bixue rushed to him and hugged him before saying affectionately, “Hubby, you’re here.”