Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 528

Chapter 528 The Wedding Of The Century In Ning An City

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Hearing from Xie Limo that she was about to choose the venue for the wedding ceremony, Yun Bixue was slightly startled. “So soon?”

Xie Limo held the steering wheel with one hand as he caressed Yun Bixue’s head with the other. “The timing is just right. We need to book the venue in advance so we can plan the layout and decorations.”

Yun Bixue blinked. “I thought we’re going to do a simple one? Why do we need to go into details for it?”

Xie Limo fondly shook his head. “See how confused you are? It may not be an international wedding with a lot of guests, but I still want to give you the wedding of the century in Ning An City. If I wronged you in any way, I would feel bad about it, okay?”

Yun Bixue’s eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled. Sometimes, there were things that she didn’t mind, and this was one of them. The attentiveness of her husband made her feel incredibly blessed.

Xie Limo took Yun Bixue to several venues around Ning An City, and at the same time, he gave his opinions about them.

The workers at the venues all told Yun Bixue that Young Master Xie was the best man in the world—he was incredibly detailed, gentle, and attentive to her every need.

Yun Bixue was, of course, elated after hearing the praises people sang about her husband, and she couldn’t help but feel sweet inside. It felt even better than when others complimented her.

Because she was in her high heels, Yun Bixue eventually got tired from all that walking. Xie Limo squatted down and said, “Come, let me carry you.”

“People are looking at us!” She was a little embarrassed since most of the people around them were watching them enviously, and this made her face heat up.

Xie Limo did not stand up, however, and he only turned around to say, “Since when did my wife care about others’ opinions? How I dote on my wife is my business. They can think whatever they want to think. It will not affect my decision.”

Yun Bixue picked up her high heels from the floor and leaned forward against Xie Limo’s back. With her arms around his neck, he piggybacked her and walked around the different venues so she could have a clear view of them. They then compared and discussed about them to find out which one she liked the best.

In fact, Yun Bixue felt that the venues that Xie Limo showed her were all very wonderful, but he still wanted her to choose one among them.

“Hubby, with how well you’re treating me, everyone will be envious of me.” She was starting to look forward to their wedding. She had no idea how it would be like on that day, but with her husband’s abilities, she felt excited about it.

Her heart fluttered just thinking about the day.

That evening, Xie Limo booked the entire restaurant at University T. Together with Yun Bixue, they treated Miao Zifu and Zhou Zinan to dinner.

However, Miao Zifu and Zhou Zinan felt a little uncomfortable as they ate with Xie Limo. Young Master Xie was simply too elegant and noble, and his immense aura made people look up to him subconsciously.

Although their dinner was peaceful, Miao Zifu was unwilling to eat alone with the couple after that. It was just a meal, but she felt a bit intimidated and uncomfortable.

A few days after, Miao Zifu bid farewell to Yun Bixue. With the information she received about Chu Fei’er, she was going to Country M to search for her.

She said to Yun Bixue, “Bixue, let me do this. It’s the only way to redeem myself.”

When Miao Zifu left, Yun Bixue couldn’t describe what she was feeling inside. She felt a mixture of emptiness and sadness. From their first year in university up to the present, too many things had happened between them, so it was difficult for her to ignore and not worry about Miao Zifu.

That afternoon, the filming crew sent some good news to Yun Bixue. A few days after the airing of their drama’s first episode, its viewership ratings had already surpassed the current records.