Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Top Socialite is Nothing More than That

As Yun Bixue spoke, her eyes subconsciously drifted to the supermarket's CCTV.

Miao Zifu appeared stunned and felt somewhat uneasy. Yun Bixue was now completely different from before. She now possessed such confidence and a mocking attitude.

After giving some thought, Miao Zifu said unscrupulously, "Yun Bixue, we know that you're the eldest Miss from the Yun family, but you still shouldn't bully other people. Xinyan injured her leg! Xinyan, how are you? Are you okay?"

Miao Zifu tightly clutched onto Meng Xinyan's arm, and the pain made the latter tear up. "Yun Bixue, I am sorry. I know you blame me, but Lenghan said he loves me. I know our relationship would make you heartbroken. I'm sorry..."

Meng Xinyan wept gracefully. With her status as Ning An City's top socialite and the goddess of every man, everyone immediately glared at Yun Bixue, some even criticizing her. Their tones were harsh and vulgar.

"Everyone says she looks foxy and seduces men. Those two are a loving couple, but she still wants to intrude. I don't even know how she managed to seduce Young Master Xie."

"How could Young Master Xie want someone shameless like this? She hurt someone, but she's still acting so righteous."

"What happened?" A cold, penetrating voice drifted in as the group of onlookers made way.

Some young ladies gasped. It was Young Master Su, their dear idol. Hearing what Miss Meng had just mentioned, it seemed like the two of them were getting married soon. Why have they not heard of this before...

Su Lenghan saw Meng Xinyan sprawled on the ground looking pitiful and weak, and his heart leaped. He strode forward and said, "Xinyan, what happened?" His tone was overflowing with worry as he crouched down to hold her in his arms while examining her.

Meng Xinyan bit her lips and answered through her delicate tears, "I'm fine. I don't blame Yun Bixue; she was only careless. I was the one who clung onto her to ask for a polite chat. After all, we owe it to her."

Su Lenghan knitted his brows tightly and turned his head, catching sight of Yun Bixue illuminated by the sunlight. She looked mysterious like a shadow, and his heart skipped a beat. Feeling a shiver from the lady in his embrace, he said fiercely, "Bixue, if you need someone to vent, pour it all out on me. All of this has nothing to do with Xinyan. This is just how things workwe only know who the right one is when we meet them. Can you stop holding on?"

As for Su Lenghan, he could only feel helplessness and exhaustion in his heart. His recent guilt and yearning towards Yun Bixue also vanished instantaneously.

He then carried Meng Xinyan with care, his actions soft and gentle. "Xinyan, you are too kind. Don't wander around outside by yourself anymore. In the future, I will accompany you."

Looking at such a Su Lenghan, Yun Bixue tightly clenched the hem of her shirt. Her heart was clouded with too many complicated emotions. She had always known Su Lenghan to be an elegant man who was gentle to everyone. One could easily fall deeply for him. It was only now that she realized that the warmth he'd showered her with back then was worlds apart from now.

She closed her eyes, and her mind cleared up when she reopened them. She coolly said, "Su Lenghan, you are always like this. You only believe the words of those that you care about. I don't know how your businesses managed to prosper with such a mindset. I hope that you won't regret this." She was now too weary to explain to these people.

Afterward, Yun Bixue made a call. Shortly after, the screen beside the supermarket started broadcasting the earlier scene. Everyone discussed what happened in hushed voices; the top socialite was nothing more than this. They looked at Meng Xinyan with conflicted expressions.