Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Can She Make The First Move?

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Yun Bixue’s mouth curled up into a light smile after listening to her younger sister’s rant. She was touched that she shared this with her.

Yun Bilu frowned. “Elder Sister, are you laughing at me?”

“I’m not. I’m very happy. You trust me so much, so how could I laugh at you? My younger sister is such a great catch, so don’t be anxious, okay? Some things take time, so just be patient. Everything will eventually fall into place.”

Yun Bilu felt a little embarrassed. She was lucky that her roommates were not here to witness her predicament. “Elder Sister, was your first kiss brother-in-law? Where did you guys have your first kiss?” Her eyes shone radiantly in excitement when she asked this.

Yun Bixue was taken aback by her younger sister’s question. She had never thought about her first kiss, and her heart pumped furiously as she recalled.

That time, their lips met accidentally in the study. It seemed that it was her first kiss.

Thinking about that moment, Yun Bixue’s face flushed a deep red. She was so clumsy during that time.

She was still innocent back then. Knowing that she wasn’t prepared for it, Xie Limo respected her boundaries as he doted on her, giving her so much time that she felt a little guilty about it.

She didn’t understand what she was thinking back then. If she could turn back time, she would definitely not let him wait that long. She knew that her husband had a high libido, so how could she bear to make him wait for so long?

“Elder Sister, Elder Sister…” Yun Bilu kept on talking, but hearing no reply, she raised her voice anxiously.

“Ah? What did you say?” Yun Bixue snapped out of her trance and rubbed her face, unable to hide her happiness.

“Elder Sister, aren’t you being too demure? Is there a rule that says a girl shouldn’t make the first move?” There had been many times when she fell for Huang Yize’s alluring charms, so much so that she almost kissed him. It was only her rational side that managed to stop her in time.

She felt that it’s about time that they should kiss. She had been waiting for a long time now. However, even if she wanted to go further, she was too shy to say so, much less show it. It would make her seem lecherous.

At this thought, Yun Bilu sighed, and Yun Bixue couldn’t hold her laughter this time.

Yun Bilu stomped her feet. “Elder Sister, stop laughing at me.”

“I’m not, Bilu. The way I see it, you’re always the one making the first move. You always have this devil-may-care personality, and that’s how you got to where you are right now. It doesn’t make sense that you’re holding back now that you’re together, isn’t it? Just be yourself, but don’t forget to love and protect yourself, okay?”

Yun Bilu’s eyes shone as she replied excitedly, “Elder Sister, are you saying that I should really make the first move and kiss him?”

“In this situation, I can’t really tell, to be honest.”

“But I’m scared that I’ll scare him. Oh my gosh! This is so confusing!” Yun Bilu crazily scratched at her head.

Yun Bixue coughed lightly. “Well, it’s possible that he’ll like it? Just stay happy and act like your usual self. No matter what happens, I’ll support you.” Even though she had only met Huang Yize a few times, she admired his character wholeheartedly.

However, her admiration had to exclude Huang Yize’s identity as the young master of the Black Dragon Gang. If he did not have that identity, she would not have to worry about her younger sister.

After a heart-to-heart talk with her elder sister, Yun Bilu felt more relaxed. Finally, she emphasized excitedly, “Elder Sister, I must be your maid of honor.”

“Of course, I’ll definitely let you be the maid of honor. Your brother-in-law and I will get you a nice gown too. You just have to be here.”

Yun Bilu cheered loudly. After a moment, she recalled something and asked, “Elder Sister, is it okay if I bring Huang Yize to your wedding?”