Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Getting Young Master Huang To Help With The Wedding

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Huang Yize ignored what Yun Bilu had just said and continued to focus on his question. He asked in a silky voice, “If I didn’t ask, will you keep it to yourself? Or will you study with me for the entire afternoon before saying it?” Looking at her flushed face and her slightly wet cheeks, he knew that she had run up the stairs. She must have something urgent that she wanted to tell him, or she would never have taken the stairs instead of the elevator.

Yun Bilu bit her lip. She was walking confidently before she arrived, but now that she was in front of Huang Yize, she was at a loss for words.

Looking at Yun Bilu’s complicated expression, Huang Yize could only pause and stare at her. “You won’t tell me?”

He wondered if he was too strict that she felt the need to restrain herself in front of him.

He tried his best to lower his voice and make his tone gentle. All the subordinates from the Black Dragon Gang knew that Young Master Huang was too cold. If Young Master Huang were to speak to them in this manner, they would be cheering for an entire year.

Yun Bilu hooked her arm into his and spoke softly, “Well… I have some good news. My elder sister will have their wedding ceremony soon.”

A glint flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes as he fell into deep thought.

Yun Bilu shook Huang Yize’s arm. “What is it? Why do you look like you’re unhappy?”

“I’m not unhappy. Your brother-in-law’s surname is Xie, isn’t it? And his name is Xie Limo?” The Xie family was not an ordinary noble family. Organizing a wedding ceremony was not as easily said as done, but this girl was too naive and wouldn’t understand. He didn’t want to divulge too much since that would only make her overthink.

“Yeah, that’s him. Why? My brother-in-law is really powerful, so you can’t just bully me.”

The lines on Huang Yize’s face softened. This girl was correct. Her brother-in-law was, indeed, a formidable person.

Xie Limo was someone who even international powers couldn’t afford to anger. A while ago, there was an incident that took the international circle by storm. It was about the top two assassins in the world, the Viper and the Demon, falling into the hands of the Xie family.

Furthermore, the Xie family sent out a kill-on-sight order for them. With such an order, no one dared to lend a helping hand to the said mercenary group.

“What are you thinking about? Once you meet my elder sister and brother-in-law together, you’ll see that they’re very compatible. Brother-in-law treats Elder Sister really well.” When she said the last sentence, Yun Bilu looked pointedly at Huang Yize as she pouted.

Huang Yize could obviously tell what Yun Bilu was implying. He bopped her nose before saying, “Are you saying that I don’t treat you well? When did I not treat you well?”

A sly glint flashed across Yun Bilu’s eyes as she replied, “Alright, since you treat me so well, come with me to Ning An City and help my elder sister with their wedding preparations. After that, we’ll attend the wedding together, okay?”

Yun Bilu’s face revealed everything that was going through her mind. Huang Yize patted her head without replying.

At that moment, he understood that Xie Limo was arranging the wedding on his personal terms and without the Xie family’s influence. He could see that it was not an easy feat for Xie Limo to accomplish all these.

“If you’re not willing to come with me and help, then you don’t care about me.”

Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu’s puffed up face. Instead of getting angry, he tugged at her arm and said, “Let’s go out.” He noticed that she was keeping her voice down to avoid disturbing the other students, and he felt uncomfortable seeing her holding herself back.

As soon as they left the study room, Yun Bilu stretched her arms wide open. “Ah, finally! I can speak loudly now. Quick, tell me. Are you coming with me or not?”