Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 534

Chapter 534 An Ironfist

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Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu’s anxious face, and his gentle expression hardened slightly. If he weren’t the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, he would be very willing to use his own powers to help that woman escape.

However, because of his status, once he decided to do something, it would involve and affect the political powers. The new president of Country E, Xirong Ziye, was an ironfisted person. When he first entered politics, he was unable to obtain any political power and was controlled by General Ou.

It was a coincidence that General Ou said something disrespectful to the Black Dragon Gang during an international conference. His words were not uncommon, and what he said wasn’t something that would affect the Black Dragon Gang since they were an organization that was feared by many worldwide.

However, Xirong Ziye was not a simple person. In order to deal with General Ou, he used what he had said at the conference as a loophole and made a deal with the Black Dragon Gang.

With both sides working together, they considered it a win-win situation. Black Dragon Gang would be able to deter people from trying to harm them, while Xirong Ziye would get his power. After that incident, all international powers feared the Black Dragon Gang even more.

Xirong Ziye took that opportunity and managed to successfully usurp General Ou’s political influence and shut him out. It was killing two birds with a single stone. He had effortlessly obtained military control and won the hearts of the people.

After all, what General Ou had said caused Black Dragon Gang to put pressure on Country E, resulting in its people living in fear. Eventually, their fear transformed into resentment for General Ou. When Xirong Ziye stripped General Ou of his power, it appeased the fury of Black Dragon Gang, and the stress that was placed on Country E was removed. Naturally, the people were pleased with the outcome.

All in all, the person who benefited the most from this was Xirong Ziye.

That person was not simple, so trying to remove someone from his golden cage without anyone noticing would be a difficult task.

Based on the information he received, there were around a thousand specially trained guards surrounding the interior and another thousand around the exterior of the White House. The security of the place could be considered impeccable.

Of course, he would not tell Yun Bilu about these complications since it would only cause her to lose sleep and worry even more.

However, if it’s something she wanted, he would try his best to accomplish it no matter how difficult it was.

Yun Bilu’s heart sank when she saw Huang Yize’s silent figure. “Is it very difficult? If that’s the case, let me ask my brother-in-law for help.”

Huang Yize stopped her from leaving and said, “Don’t be rash. Your elder sister and brother-in-law are about to hold a wedding. Do you really want them to worry about this matter at this time?”

Yun Bilu slapped her forehead. “You’re right. How could I be so stupid? But what am I supposed to do then?”

Huang Yize replied calmly, “There’s still a way to do it.”

Yun Bilu’s eyes shone radiantly as she grabbed Huang Yize’s arm. “Huang Yize, you really are the best! Quick, tell me. How will you do it? Is there any way I can help?”

“Calm down, alright? Yes, I will definitely need your help. Think about it. The White House has tough security. Even if we were to bring her out, Xirong Ziye could easily use the entire country’s resources to search for her. Not only that, but he also has international connections and influence. Unless you’re thinking that you want to hide together with your elder sister Bai wherever you go?”

Yun Bilu frowned. “Then what should we do? There’s no way we can leave her like that. It’s all that Xirong Ziye’s fault. All the girls admire him so much just because he looks cool. He already has a fiancée, but he’s still keeping Elder Sister Bai. Isn’t that torturing her? What a disgusting person!”

“What we need to do is to force Xirong Ziye to release her himself.”

Yun Bilu widened her eyes and bit her lip. “How is that possible? If it’s that easy, Elder Sister Bai wouldn’t have looked so stressed and frail the other day.”