Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Worshipping The Black Dragon Gang

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Yun Bilu had a horrible impression of Xirong Ziye. If he were not the president of the country, she would get someone to beat him up. But, of course, this was something she would never tell Huang Yize, or else he would think that she was too tough.

It was better to just act demure.

“Huang Yize, I still think it’s hard to get Xirong Ziye to let her go. He placed so much security around her, so it would definitely not be easy for him to release her. Even if you say so, he’s the president, so how are we supposed to do it? Wait, I remember now. There was this time when the Black Dragon Gang pressured Country E… Didn’t they manage to remove that General Ou? And that general was a person of another level… I think the Black Dragon Gang is very powerful. How good would it be if the Black Dragon Gang will help us in forcing his hand? Oh well, it’s a pity that common folks like us will never get a chance to meet them.” Yun Bilu’s eyes shone, and her voice carried a hint of admiration as she said this.

Yun Bilu would probably never expect Huang Yize, who was just beside her, to be the power-wielder of the Black Dragon Gang! If she knew about it, she would most likely faint.

The worshipping look, which shone in Yun Bilu’s eyes, was too obvious. At this sight, Huang Yize’s beautiful lips curled up into an exquisite smile, carrying with it a noble and mysterious aura.

He fixed Yun Bilu’s hair that had been messed up by the wind and asked, “Black Dragon Gang is a group feared by many. Why do you look like you worship them? Aren’t you scared of them?”

“What’s there to be scared of? Rumors say that the Black Dragon Gang is the embodiment of coolness and brotherhood loyalty, and I’ve never heard of them hurting anyone. Their scary reputation is just a ploy by the higher-ups to smear their name, so you shouldn’t believe them. You have to see it to believe it and follow your instincts, so don’t trust the malicious remarks of others.” As she said this, she patted Huang Yize’s chest, as though she was imparting a piece of serious advice.

Huang Yize’s mouth twitched as he looked at his chest that was being patted. He lowered his head beside Yun Bilu’s ear and whispered, “Bilu, do you know why no one has tried to ask you out and pursue you?”

Yun Bilu was at a loss. She couldn’t understand what he was getting at. “I’m pretty, and everyone says that I’m a demure lady when I don’t talk. They just can’t comprehend and appreciate my beauty.”

Huang Yize pointed at Yun Bilu’s hand and said, “That is when you don’t talk. What about when you talk and do those actions? Guess what others think of you.”

Yun Bilu withdrew her hand immediately. Her face was stricken in anguish. She wanted to become an elegant and demure lady, but she was always too bold and unconstrained! Indeed, she didn’t want to admit that she was such a tomboy, that was why she would only say that she was just too outspoken.

Naturally, Huang Yize would never tell Yun Bilu that he had used all sorts of methods to prevent others from getting close to her. Seeing this girl’s depressed figure, he said in a silky voice, “Look, I’m just teasing you! Don’t you have me by your side?”

Yun Bilu thought about it. He was right. She had the best company with her now, so it wasn’t important that other guys weren’t trying to pursue her.

She remembered the popular lady from the opposite dorm. She was the belle of the financial department, always holding love letters or roses, and she never failed to show off who was courting her. From the way she was acting, it was as though the number of men wooing her represented her appeal or something. She even liked having flings. Yun Bilu felt that if you can’t return a person’s feelings, you should have rejected them right from the start.

While Yun Bilu was caught in a daze, Huang Yize patted her head. “Don’t worry. You’ll meet your Elder Sister Bai soon.”

Yun Bilu’s easygoing character allowed her to become happy with just a soothing word from Huang Yize. She raised her head and looked at his prince-like appearance, eagerly anticipating the idea that he was about to say.