Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 536

Chapter 536 Making This Girl Happy

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Huang Yize said plainly, “Doesn’t Xirong Ziye have a fiancée, Miss Xiamu? Since he hasn’t fully obtained Country E’s political power yet, he’s still relying on the Xiamu family. Whether he likes her or not, from a logical point of view, he would never give up this marriage alliance with the Xiamu family. So, in this case, does Miss Xiamu know about the thing with your elder sister’s best friend?”

Yun Bilu understood his plan, and she was struck by a sudden realization. “Oh, I get it now. We’ll let Miss Xiamu know that Xirong Ziye is keeping a woman. Since Miss Xiamu is someone with a reputation to uphold, not to mention that she has her pride too, she will never allow such a thing. If the Xiamu family places pressure on Xirong Ziye, he would have no choice but to let Elder Sister Bai go. With this, she’ll be free, and she won’t have to hide.”

When Yun Bilu figured out Huang Yize’s words, she revealed a radiant smile as her lashes fluttered. She stepped forward to tug at his sleeve and said, “I’m smart, aren’t I?”

Huang Yize gazed deeply at Yun Bixue, his eyes filled with his gentleness and charm. His lips curled up into a light smile capable of dazzling people. “Yes, you’re very smart. That’s the plan, but it’s best that Bai Yaoyao will be the one to leak this information to Miss Xiamu. That way, both of them would not get into direct conflict. After all, if they wanted Bai Yaoyao to disappear, it would be a piece of cake for the Xiamu family.”

“I get it, I get it. This is some offense method in the Art of War you talked about.”

Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu in a heartened manner. This girl finally improved. She managed to grasp and digest the information he tried to impart, so he could rest assured now.

“But the main problem lies in how we execute this plan. How are we going to get Elder Sister Bai to send the message to Miss Xiamu? Should I wear a disguise and get inside the White House? Also, should I think of a way to meet Miss Xiamu?”

“I’ll arrange for it and let you know later.”

Yun Bilu nodded. Now that they had a solid plan to rescue Elder Sister Bai, she had one less thing to worry about, and this made her feel more relaxed.

“If we’re able to get Elder Sister Bai out, it might be possible for all of us to attend my elder sister’s wedding. I’m sure my elder sister would be very excited. After all, they’re the best of friends.”

“Okay.” This was not the first time that Huang Yize had given a single word reply, but he remembered every word Yun Bilu said.

That was why he understood her preferences well. He knew instantly what she was thinking about, as well as the ways that would calm her down.

Yun Bilu tilted her head up and looked at Huang Yize while she was talking. Her eyes were fixed on his fascinating and sexy lips. She swallowed hard. Would it… Would it be okay for her to kiss him?

Huang Yize was tugging Yun Bilu forward as they walked, and when he noticed that he couldn’t hear her chatter anymore, he tilted his head and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“It’s— It’s nothing…” Yun Bilu quickly bowed her head and shook it furiously. She would never admit that she almost kissed him.

At the same time, in Ning An City, Yun Bixue just got home. She wanted to talk to Xie Limo about Yun Bilu bringing Huang Yize to help with the wedding preparations, but her husband had yet to get off from work.

Since he was still not home, she went to the kitchen. It was always Xie Limo who cooked for her, so she decided to return the favor today.

She cooked all of Xie Limo’s favorite dishes. Although he never mentioned his preference, Yun Bixue was attentive and had correctly guessed them based on how much he ate previously.

Xie Limo was truly a great husband. Every time he cooked, it would be according to her tastes. Whenever she cooked, even if he didn’t like it that much, he would still say that it was delicious as he continued to eat it.