Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Scaring Young Master Xie

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Yun Bixue’s pale hand turned pinkish red in an instant. She sucked in a deep breath to hold her tears back, but her eyes were already rimmed in red.

If it weren’t for the training last year, this sort of pain would have definitely made her cry out loud.

In a split second, Xie Limo put her hand under the tap and ran cold water on it. Heartache flashed across his eyes. He knew that it hurt as he could feel the faint trembling of her hand, but she bit her lip to prevent from crying out in pain.

This made Xie Limo’s heart ache even more, and his actions became incredibly gentle as he consoled and chided her. “Why are you so careless?”

Xie Limo was actually blaming himself in his heart. If only he checked the kitchen once he came home. He should have been the first to enter the kitchen earlier. However, he couldn’t bear to reprimand Yun Bixue so he could only blame himself.

She had already burnt herself once before this, so how could he have allowed her in the kitchen again? Xie Limo felt that this was all his fault.

He should not have allowed his wife to enter a dangerous place like the kitchen.

Her hand was still red after running cold water on it. He took the first aid box and started applying burn ointment on it, as Ling Nanchen had done the last time he was here. The latter had taught him what to do during that time.

Xie Limo’s motions were incredibly gentle as he applied the ointment, but his expression was grave.

Yun Bixue’s hand was initially in a lot of pain, but when she felt Xie Limo’s heartache and gentle actions, the pain was replaced by a warm feeling. She didn’t feel much pain now.

They always said that a man was the most captivating when they were serious at work, but at that moment, she felt that her husband right now—who was seriously applying medication for her—was the most moving.

When he finished treating her hand, Xie Limo tugged her other hand and embraced her tightly. “Do you have any idea how much that scared me?”

Yun Bixue didn’t think much about it at first, but the tight embrace conveyed Xie Limo’s anxiety. She hugged him back and said, “Sorry for worrying you.”

“Not just worry. Do you know how scary that was?” Even when facing the most dangerous situations, he wouldn’t bat an eye, but when it came to personally seeing his wife’s hand get injured and not being in time to protect her, his agony was something he really didn’t want to experience again.

However, this had already happened to his wife twice. Before, it was hot oil splashing on her, and now, it was steam scalding her hand. Not only that, the injury this time was more severe.

“It’s not scary. It’s just a burn, and it will heal soon. I will pay more attention next time, okay? Don’t worry!” At first, she wanted to say that a burn was nothing, but from her experience, Xie Limo would get angry if she didn’t treat it seriously.

Xie Limo loosened his embrace and lowered his head to look at her. “You’re still talking about next time. Didn’t you assure me the previous time? Look at you. Your face is so pale, but you’re still saying that you’re fine? Do you want me to ask Ling Nanchen to come here to treat your burn?”

Yun Bixue waved her hands frantically. If she got the gold medal doctor to come just to treat such a small burn again, it would drive him mad.

They all said that men needed coaxing. Yun Bixue composed herself and closed the distance between them, pecking him on his lips.

Xie Limo pushed Yun Bixue down into a sitting position and spoke seriously, “This time, your charms won’t work on me. If you want me not to worry, you have to promise me that you’ll never enter the kitchen again!”

Yun Bixue’s jaw dropped in shock. How could he not let her enter the kitchen? She wanted to protest against it because she enjoyed the feeling of cooking for her husband, but when she looked at his bloodshot eyes, she could only shut her mouth and nod.