Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 54

Chapter 54: This Time, Madam is Smart

The onlookers were mostly middle-aged women shopping at the supermarket, and their way of thinking was inherently simplistic. Seeing the scene replaying on the screen, they felt somewhat disappointed by the top socialite. She had been the one pestering Miss Yun, yet it looked like Miss Yun had attacked her. Although the words had not been spoken by her, it was still difficult to swallow, making them feel like they have been tricked.

Shortly after, the crowd dispersed.

The arm holding onto Meng Xinyan's hand tightened, and Su Lenghan's body stiffened. His eyes were glued to the screen, as if he was unable to take it in.

Finally, Su Lenghan said emotionlessly, "Xinyan!"

Meng Xinyan instead felt her heart quiver. She clenched her jaw and kept her head low, not daring to look Su Lenghan in the eye. She started chiding Miao Zifu mentally. Indeed, coming from a modest background, she couldn't handle such a big matter. Meng Xinyan had still trusted her earlier. What a joke.

"Lenghan, I mentioned that I was the one who pestered Miss Yun. It's not her fault," Meng Xinyan whispered faintly with her head down.

Su Lenghan's expressions were complex as he felt confused. Yes, Xinyan hadn't lied to him so why did he feel so angry just now? "Enough, I don't blame you. I've wronged her, and it's only understandable that she ignored you. Don't look for her in the future. After you mentioned it earlier, everyone should now know that we're engaged. Let's use this chance to inform your parents!"

Su Lenghan felt his heart growing frustrated, and he needed to cease it. Perhaps once they settled down, everything would be all right.

Meng Xinyan was delighted. She had looked forward to an early marriage, and it was also true that she'd been thinking too much. The one Lenghan loved was her and it had nothing to do with Yun Bixue. She couldn't let her imagination run wild and act foolishly anymore.

Miao Zifu watched the recording blankly, unable to accept it. The Meng family was an influential family, how could the supermarket dare to offend them by playing the video? She gawked, almost burning a hole in the screen. Especially after seeing Su Lenghan hold Meng Xinyan as they left, she badly wanted to smash something with her tightly clamped up hand.

On the other hand, Yun Bixue walked coolly towards Xie Limo's car nearby. Just after the episode unfolded, Xie Limo's car had arrived at the scene. She had signaled for him to stay in his car and wait for her.

When she walked over, Xie Limo seemed to be on the phone. "Okay, check more thoroughly. You have two days timedisseminate all the unfavorable information."

Yun Bixue got in the car but felt rather distressed. What was he checking on again?

After fastening her seat belt and Xie Limo had ended his call, Yun Bixue flashed him a smile. "How was it? My performance this time was decent, right?" He had perpetually called her silly, but this time around, she had resolved the problem single-handedly.

The air was chilly, and the cold winds seeped in through the car windows, teasing the strands of hair by Yun Bixue's ear. Xie Limo turned over to see her cheeks flushed from the cold, but her eyes were still dazzling as they sparkled. It was as if they were calling out for his praise and affirmation.

As this thought ran through his mind, Xie Limo laughed gently, and his chest rumbled. Yun Bixue hid her smile and stubbornly stared at Xie Limo. "You're laughing at me again."

Xie Limo watched her cheeks puff up in annoyance, and his heart grew incredibly soft. His slender fingers tidied up her hair and then closed the windows. "My dear was smart this time. As your husband, I'm glad." This willful, childlike side of hers was something she only showed to him. He felt perplexed by Su Lenghan's taste; how could he have given Bixue up for that dull Miss Meng?

"You must not ignore how weak and fragile Miao Zifu looks at times. She used to put up a fake front and fool others. I suffered quite a bit in university, and she believes I'm still stupid now. Back then I chose not to pick a fight with her, but now that I'm your wife, I can't embarrass you as well," Yun Bixue continued, conscious of her status.