Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 543

Chapter 543 The Roaring Fire And Young Master Xies Heartache

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The moment Yun Bixue stepped out of the villa and into the empty field, the ground started to explode. The landmines that were buried beneath started exploding…

Within seconds, the land surrounding the villa was destroyed.

Meanwhile, Xie Limo, who was investigating and giving out instructions, raised his head and saw the crimson-tainted night sky.

His heart sank instantly. That was in the direction where he and Bixue resided at.

Xie Limo’s heart trembled violently. His hands slackened, scattering the papers he was holding into the ground.

Without hesitating, Xie Limo jumped out of the window, got into his car, and drove in the direction of his villa.

However, he was met with obstructions on the road. At such a critical moment, Xie Limo was frustrated. He no longer held himself in check as he drove at full throttle, opening fire at the obstructions before him. A car ride, which was supposed to take less than an hour, took him more than two hours to complete.

As soon as he arrived at the villa’s grounds, Xie Limo’s gaze darkened as he took in the scene in front of him. He was slightly unstable, but he still stood tall and majestic. His elegant figure was exceptionally chilling under the night sky, and the billowing smoke surrounding him made him look enchanting yet daunting in the dark.

Xie Limo’s fists were clenched tightly at his sides. His brows twitched continuously, and his eyes saw red as an intense murderous aura burst around him.

His heart was pounding furiously as bloodthirst surged within him. His hands could no longer clench. He wanted to destroy everything. Only the miasma of murderous rage could overwhelm the heart-wrenching feeling that was wrecking his entire being.

His entire body was screaming in chaos.

With a tremendous effort, Xie Limo reined himself in despite wanting to go through the gates of flames just to find Yun Bixue. His usual rational self was nowhere in sight as his mind blanked. When he thought about her, still lying in the bedroom when he left, his heart almost couldn’t take it anymore.

An urge to destroy surged in Xie Limo’s head. His only thought was to make everyone suffer with him. Anyone who was involved in this would feel his pain a hundred-fold.

There were signs of explosions on the ground, and the injured ordinary citizens and servants of the villa were scattered here and there.

The villa was completely burned. Even if he went in, he wouldn’t be able to find anyone, but still, Xie Limo inched closer, step by step, as though the roaring sea of fire beckoned him. It looked incredibly majestic…

“Young Master Xie… Young Master Xie… You cannot go in…” Upon seeing Xie Limo, an injured bodyguard staggered up and held him back.

Without turning around, Xie Limo shook him off and continued to walk.

Xie Limo was crying inside. He never knew that he would care so much about someone.

So much had changed in just a year.

From the time they both got to know each other and up to the present, it seemed that everything just happened yesterday—they were so distinct and clear in his mind. The more precious and warm the memory was, the more painful it was for him at the moment.

He couldn’t help the overwhelming guilt that was eating him from the inside. He did not protect her. If… If only he took her with him when she said that she wanted to go… If he did let her accompany him, would things have ended differently?

He wanted to vent out the pain in his heart. With a punch, he hit a burning wall, and it collapsed loudly on the ground.

At that moment, Xie Liu arrived and saw everything. When he heard about the situation at the villa, he rushed over immediately.

The moment his eyes saw Young Master Xie, he was so shocked that his legs couldn’t steady themselves. His Young Master was always strong and unflappable, but the sight in front of his eyes made him change his opinion.

Even though Young Master Xie wasn’t crying, Xie Liu knew that his heart was bleeding. Xie Liu was a man of sacrifice, capable of being emotionless and setting aside his personal feelings, but at that moment, he couldn’t help but feel the urge to cry.