Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Deadly Murderous Intent

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Xie Liu remembered when Miss Zhen died. During that time, Young Master Xie was only in his twenties, and he grieved for a long time. He couldn’t walk out from its shadows for a few years. When everything finally calmed down, the memory of Miss Zhen seemed to have faded from the minds of her loved ones as they buried it in their hearts.

After that, Young Master Xie decided to go to Ning An City to conquer it, so as to renew and reinforce the Xie family’s influence in Country A.

The members in the inner circle knew that Young Master Xie did not forget Miss Zhen. Instead, he buried her deep inside. Miss Zhen was too good and pure. She was Young Master Xie’s biological younger sister, and the siblings had always had a great relationship. It was impossible for him to forget about her that easily. He just didn’t express or show his pain as he kept her memory in his heart.

In all the plans they had for Country A, Young Madam was an anomaly.

When they met, all of them agreed that as long as Young Master Xie was willing, and if she were able to bring him warmth and joy, they would be happy for them to be together and see the latter happen.

That was why, as men of sacrifice, they still treated her with respect, despite their first impression that she was someone who was not good enough for him. From there, Young Madam’s personality and abilities made them change their opinions. They had finally admitted to themselves that she was worthy of that position, and they respected her as much as they did Young Master Xie.

They could see how much Young Master Xie cared for Young Madam, so everyone tried their best to protect her.

However, Young Master Xie’s regard for Young Madam was also considered a form of weakness. While they were on Young Master Xie’s dangerous path to obtain Country A, they were worried that any mistake could endanger Young Madam’s life.

All their worries had been cast aside, however, when they saw Young Madam trying hard, training, and caring for Young Master Xie. They were all overjoyed at this.

No one expected the danger to approach this quickly.

He wanted to console him, but he did not dare to move forward. The present Young Master Xie was so incredibly fragile that it felt like a single touch would crack and break him.

He could only watch over Young Master Xie who stood there all alone.

A noise suddenly broke into his thoughts. It seemed to be coming from outside. Xie Liu turned around to look. Were those reporters?

A deadly glint flashed across Xie Liu’s eyes as he waved his subordinates over. Upon seeing his wordless command, the Xie family subordinates wasted no time and immediately destroyed all of the reporters’ recording devices. Some spoke rudely and tried to retaliate, but the Xie family’s subordinates were merciless. Anyone who went against them was punched without any hesitation.

“Ouch! My nose—”

“Hey! I just bought that camera! Aahh!” As the reporter shouted, his camera was already thrown on the ground and smashed into pieces.

“Don’t throw my phone! Alright, I’ll stop! I won’t take any more videos!” Even if they tried to assure the Xie family’s subordinates, their devices were still destroyed.

Everyone got to witness the lunacy and strength of this group of people. With blood dripping from their noses, they immediately scurried away. Compared to their expensive cell phones and cameras, their lives were more valuable.

These reporters had been traumatized. In the future, whenever it was about Young Master Xie, they would not dare to take a video. Who cared about those rewards? They did not dare to offend Young Master Xie.

The Xie family’s subordinates exuded a killing aura. No one dared to do anything untoward to their Young Master Xie, even on an international stage, and yet this measly Ning An City dared to burn down the Xie family’s villa? To add insult to injury, their Young Madam’s whereabouts was unknown.

If they couldn’t avenge this, their fury would never be appeased.

Someone dared to upset Young Master Xie, whose existence was like a god to them. They did not manage to protect Miss Zhen that time… Was it going to be the same for Young Madam as well?

Murderous intent was boiling within them.

If Young Master Xie were to say the word, they would, in a heartbeat, raze Ning An City to the ground.