Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Going All Out Completely Eradicating Her

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The injured Xie familys subordinates were all sent to the hospital. As for Xie Limo, the guards that Xie Liu brought formed a protective circle around him, shielding him from any possible threat.

When the ambulance and fire engine arrived, the villa had already been burned to ashes. The firefighters were only in time to extinguish the fire that had spread to somewhere else.

All throughout this, Xie Limo didnt say a single word. He simply stood the whole night before the debris, solemn and in pain.

The order and investigation at the scene were maintained and conducted by a group that was specially assembled and assigned by Xie Liu. Based on their initial investigation, the Xie family knew that this was a deliberate arson.

The traces of evidence were sparse at the scene, and they had a hard time searching for them. Nonetheless, the harder it was for them to find any leads, the more careful and thorough they were in their search.

Everyone began to loathe the Demon. If something were to happen to Young Madam, no one in the international assassin group that the Demon belonged to would be spared.

When dawn finally broke, Xie Liu approached Xie Limo and said slowly, "Young Master Xie, we didnt find Young Madam. The shadow guards in the villa have regained consciousness and said that they had rescued and escorted Young Madam out, but they encountered a small explosion and lost consciousness after that. In my opinion, Young Madam is still safe."

Xie Lius words made Xie Limos dark and gloomy heart jump, and his upright body that stood rigid all night swayed.

Young Master Xie turned around and looked at Xie Liu. He answered in a stern and cold voice, "Eradicate every single person and force that is linked to what happened today. Deploy all our forces in Ning An City. We must capture the Demon at all costs. Disseminate her photos and offer high rewards to those who will provide leads. Leave no stone unturned."

Xie Lius heart was racing madly, and his scalp felt numb. Young Master Xie was going all out.

A day passed by, and they still couldnt locate Young Madam