Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Who Saved Her?

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Even though Xie Limo was extremely exhausted, he couldnt sleep. Without Yun Bixue by his side, he didnt want to sleep at all. Tension, anxiety, and despair filled his entire being, making his head throb intensely.

Every time Xie Liu reported to Young Master Xie, he didnt dare to look him in the eye. Young Master Xies eyes were as red as blood, and he couldnt help the pity he felt for him.

That was why, while worrying about Young Master Xie, he didnt dare to look at him too. He didnt know how to comfort Young Master Xie at all.

Aside from that, Young Master Xie had ordered that no one was allowed to report what happened the other night to the Xie family headquarters.

The news these past two days reported the fire at the villa. Although it showed only the debris, it was enough to cause a stir. The citizens of Ning An City all knew that that area was the wealthiest and most luxurious neighborhood, and that the leader of Ning An CityYoung Master Xielived there too.

Everyone was making wild guesses. Someone saw Young Master Xie going to the political building, implying that he was safe. While some of them felt relieved, others were reeling in fear.

The noble families who had joined forces were those on the latter group. After consolidating their resources and efforts, they finally had their opportunity to strike. They had intended to make a swift kill, never expecting to fail at all. Little did they realize that their efforts would be in vain.

When they heard that Xie Limo was unharmed, they were all in shock and at a loss of what to do. Could Young Master Xie really have such a blessed life that no one could do anything to him at all?

Ever since Young Master Xie arrived in Ning An City, there had been many assassinations, but none had been successful.

In particular, with Xie Limo surviving this latest assassination attempt and Yun Bixue missing, those from the noble families were all shaking in their shoes. Their plan had backfired, and it only took them a moment to realize that they had completely sabotaged themselves. Since Young Master Xie was fine, he would definitely seek reveng