Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Meng Family's Guest, An Yexuan

Yun Bixue didn't realize that when she was with Xie Limo, she would unknowingly feel at ease. Even her way of speaking would be more casual.

Xie Limo drove as he listened to Yun Bixue whine heatedly. "My dear, do you despise Miao Zifu?"

"I don't despise her, but I feel drained just by looking at her. She's so pretentious and hypocritical." The thought of Miao Zifu was a constant reminder of how naive and kind-hearted she'd been in her university days, and also the ups and downs of that period. She felt sentimental.

Xie Limo watched the exhausted expression on Yun Bixue's face, and his gaze froze. He said blandly, "My dear, you don't need to fret over such insignificant people anymore."

Hearing that, Yun Bixue instantly felt a surge in energy. "Limo, did you do something?" Based on her understanding of Xie Limo from the past few days, he must have done something. However, it was difficult to find information that could be held against someone as pretentious as Miao Zifu.

Xie Limo simply laughed and didn't answer. "My dear, if you want to control every matter of the Yun family, you need to use your wits more." He couldn't actually bear to push her. His wife had always been too sympathetic towards others, but with him around, he wouldn't let anyone take advantage of her.

The sedan circled the plaza. The news was still broadcasting the incident involving the Shen family. The reporters still continued to pursue the matter, and the Shen family was severely battered as a result.

After Su Lenghan carried Meng Xinyan into the car, he crossed over the driver's seat and suddenly noticed the people in a nearby car. His eyes started glowing.

"Lenghan, what happened to you?" Meng Xinyan was alarmed. She called out multiple times to Su Lenghan, but he didn't respond.

Su Lenghan got in the car, as if he hadn't seen anything. The look in his eyes remained intense, and Meng Xinyan tactfully let him be.

Arriving at the Meng family home, the atmosphere was joyous and harmonious. Seeing her daughter injured, Chen Pei enquired about the reason, and Meng Xinyan replied with a few words.

Chen Pei immediately seethed as she said, "This Yun Bixue is really outrageous, daring to touch just anybody. Does she still think the Yun family is still the same as before?"

Meng Xinyan stole a glance at Su Lenghan, who wore a dark look on his face. Tugging on her mother's sleeves, she tried to persuade her, "Mom, don't blame Yun Bixue, it's me..."

"It's because you're kind that people bully you."

"Mom, I'm fine. With Lenghan around, who could bully me?" Meng Xinyan always knew to praise Su Lenghan in front of her mother.

Seeing that she had an exceptional son-in-law, the fury in Chen Pei's heart dissipated. "You're too soft-hearted. It's lucky that you have Lenghan to protect you. Hmm, and where is Miss Miao?"

Meng Xinyan's expression started to change. They had forgotten about Miao Zifu and left her behind. Seeing An Yexuan sitting on the couch emanating a cold presence, Chen Pei felt her heart shiver.

The An family was a prestigious and influential family known across the entire country, and they weren't people that a commoner could trifle with. Old Master Meng was acquainted with the An family, and they had invited An Yexuan over after hearing that he was in Ning An City. They had initially not expected him to turn up.

What could they do now?

"Young Master An, I'm truly sorry. My daughter doesn't know any better. I will arrange for someone to pick her up right now."

An Yexuan sat with his legs crossed throughout the entire exchange. His distant demeanor made him hard to approach, and he simply said, "No problem. Everyone should start eating first." He didn't seem to care too much about Miao Zifu.

Chen Pei heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that Miss Miao had no status and that Young Master An couldn't possibly have taken a liking to her. Indeed, she could tell that there must be something fishy about it.

Master Meng sat there and prepared tea. He waved a hand and said, "Okay, it's impolite to make our guest wait any longer. Uncle Wang, drive to the supermarket to fetch her. This is our mistake."