Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 550

Chapter 550 Intentionally Making Things Difficult

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Wang Qianjin noticed Yun Bixue’s faint smile and asked, “What is it? You’re that happy to be in Ning An City?”

Yun Bixue turned to him. “You don’t understand!” Wang Qianjin was just a playboy, so how could he understand the feelings of those who were in a relationship? How would he ever understand the happiness and relief one felt when they knew that their significant other was well and near them?

Wang Qianjin’s heart burned brighter than ever. Her smile was an eyesore. He knew that that smile wasn’t for him since he had never known any woman who would smile that radiantly for him.

He had seen countless women with all sorts of character, but they all carried the same greed in their eyes. Whenever he asked them what they liked about him, and if they would still like him even if he was penniless, they would always laugh and say, how would Young Master Wang be penniless!

Yun Bixue was about to turn around and go back to her bed when Wang Qianjin stopped her, “Let me ask you something. If Xie Limo had nothing, would you be willing to become the Young Madam of the Wang family?”

Yun Bixue looked at Wang Qianjin as if he was a lunatic. “Didn’t you hear me clearly last time? Even if he had nothing, he would still be my husband.” She didn’t think that there was a need to ask such a question.

Hearing Yun Bixue’s resolute answer, a glint flashed across Wang Qianjin’s eyes.

Yun Bixue was relieved after knowing that Xie Limo was fine. She wanted to go out, but she knew that Wang Qianjin wouldn’t allow her even if she asked him.

He would find all sorts of reasons to explain that it was for Yun Bixue’s own good, while she always retaliated with her own set of answers.

In the end, she was still unable to get her way, so she could only make things hard for him. She would say that her head or legs were hurting in one second, then she would say that she was thirsty and wanted to drink water in another.

“Pour it yourself.” Wang Qianjin almost couldn’t take it anymore, feeling that women were scary creatures.

“I burnt my hand, so it’s a bit numb. I thought you’re free right now? Would it kill you to pour a glass of water for me? So petty. No wonder you look so feminine.”

Yun Bixue’s expression and tone caused Wang Qianjin’s eyes to shine in a dark gleam.

Yun Bixue wasn’t scared. She had spent enough time with him, so she understood him a little. As long as he did not reveal a foul expression, she would be safe for the time being.

“If you can’t stand me, you can send me to the hospital or kick me out. That way, you’ll have your peace of mind. Besides, look at me. How could a pathetic burden like me ask a young master like you to serve me? It makes me feel a bit guilty, you know?”

Wang Qianjin was so fed up with her that he finally shouted, “Shut up! I’ll give you a glass of water now!”

He had never served a woman before, so he was clumsy. He was, without a doubt, inferior to Xie Limo.

Yun Bixue was so pleased with herself when she noticed the irritated expression on Wang Qianjin’s face. This was the perfect chance to execute her ‘revenge.’

Who asked him to try to kill Xie Limo the other time in Zi Bei City?

“Here’s your water.” Wang Qianjin was incredibly impatient as he served her the glass of water. He tilted his head down and looked uncomfortably at the water stains all over himself.

Yun Bixue took a sip. “This water is so cold. My stomach will hurt after drinking this. My Limo is much more attentive because he always gives me warm water. Oh, I really miss my Limo. He’s the best at taking care of people.”

Wang Qianjin wanted to snap and say that she doesn’t have to drink it if she didn’t want to, but when he heard her mention Xie Limo, he changed his mind. It was just a glass of water, so how was he any lesser than that Xie Limo?