Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 551

Chapter 551 Making Young Master Wang Buy Pads

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Wang Qianjin prepared another glass of water. This time, he poured hot water before adding a bit of cold water and gave it to Yun Bixue’.

Looking at the glass of warm water in her hands, Yun Bixue felt a little guilty. She thought that she would be able to get him to chase her away if she angered him.

From the windows, she could see that this villa was nearer to the countryside. With guards patrolling outside, it would be hard for her to escape alone, so she came up with this plan—it would be best to get Wang Qianjin to chase her out on his own accord.

She truly missed Xie Limo and their everyday interactions. No matter how she acted, he would still adore her and treat her gently. That place was her home, where she was the most comfortable. As for this villa, it was too foreign, and every cell within her was ill at ease.

Wang Qianjin’s intoxicating eyes flickered as he looked at Yun Bixue, who was quietly sipping her water.

After a while, Yun Bixue said that she wanted to sleep, so she requested for Wang Qianjin to leave the room, to which he obliged, closing the door for her as he stepped out.

Yun Bixue tossed and turned on the bed. Wang Qianjin was acting too unusual today—he did not get angry nor complained and ranted. He was so even-tempered that it was no different from any other people. Nonetheless, the more he acted this way, the more uneasy she was.

After checking that the door was locked, Yun Bixue walked to the window and opened them. She looked at the streets beyond the yard, thinking of ways to escape.

She was so tired from creating trouble for him that her head was actually hurting a little, so she went back to her bed and leaned on the pillows to rest. Eventually, she fell asleep. When she woke up, she had already regained her strength and energy.

She decided to negotiate with Wang Qianjin. As she quietly pushed the door open, she froze upon hearing Wang Qianjin’s phone call with Xie Limo.

“Young Master Xie, what a coincidence. Don’t be so anxious! I’m still the hero who saved your wife. She’s currently sleeping. She kept saying that you’re the most gentle and that I can’t compare to you. Hey now, you’re getting angry? Unbelievable. You should be happy that I said that. Look at you. Tsk, tsk…”

On the other end of the call, Xie Limo’s slender hands tightened the grip on his cell phone. He hated that he couldn’t just crush it in his hands. He was thankful for Wang Qianjin, but he also had the urge to kill him.

Even the gods knew that his heart seemed to come back to life the moment he received news that Yun Bixue was alive. He could finally let go of the breath that he was holding for so long.

“What exactly do you want?” Xie Limo’s voice carried an edge of steel.

Wang Qianjin continued in his languid tone, “Nothing, really. I just think that this is fun. The game has just begun. Of course, the fire and explosion have nothing to do with me. Those happened because of your negligence. You were too lax and didn’t handle it well. From what I see, those people wanted to kill you, and since they didn’t succeed, they almost killed your wife—who I saved, by the way. Obviously, I should be the one calling the shots here.”

A dangerous glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. “Are you sure about that?”

“Positive. That’s why she will stay with me for now. If you can track and find her by tomorrow, I will consider it your win.”

Wang Qianjin was definitely a daredevil and knew the joys of fooling around. He felt that life was boring, so he wanted to find something fun and exciting.

He was obviously aiming for something else as well, but Yun Bixue couldn’t tell what it was.

Yun Bixue carefully closed the door and fell into deep thought. She had to find a way out. No matter what the two of them agreed on, she had to leave before tomorrow.

After Wang Qianjin ended his call, Yun Bixue pretended that her stomach was hurting.

When he was about to call for his personal doctor, Yun Bixue nodded her head and said, “Well, my period came, so go and buy some pads for me now! I want the ROX brand pads!”