Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 552

Chapter 552 The Revival Of Young Master Xies Heart

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Wang Qianjin’s brows twitched, and so did the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

Seriously? Him? Buy pads for a woman? How ridiculous.

A sly glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes, and her face deliberately grimaced in pain. “Are you a man or not? Stop being so wimpy. No wonder you look so feminine. Rumor has it that you’re a ladies’ man, but you don’t even know how to treat one properly. Ahh! My stomach hurts so much. It’s too painful. The blood might stain the bed anytime now.”

Wang Qianjin hardened his expression. “Then go to the bathroom now.”

“I’m not going. I want to stay here. My stomach hurts so much. Sitting here makes it feel a little better.”

Yun Bixue clearly understood that this was the best method to deal with Wang Qianjin. After thinking about it for a while, it was possible that Wang Qianjin wanted to attack her using softer means, but she was not going to buy it.

Wang Qianjin was about to blow up, but he forced it down before saying, “I’ll get someone to buy them for you.”

“What? How could you let someone else buy my pads? It’s so embarrassing to let other people know that my period is here. If you get someone to buy it, won’t others know? I don’t want anyone to know about it, okay?” Yun Bixue looked pitifully at Wang Qianjin, embarrassment evident on her pale face.

Yun Bixue handled her expression expertly, so much so that Wang Qianjin couldn’t tell much from it.

A dark gleam shone in Wang Qianjin’s eyes. He grabbed Yun Bixue’s chin, forcing her to look into his eyes and said, “Yun Bixue, this better not be some trick of yours.”

Yun Bixue replied ‘weakly,’ “How could I trick you? I’m in so much pain now.” Her lashes fluttered softly, making her look vulnerable and pitiful at the same time.

She knew that Wang Qianjin didn’t care much for girls, but in order to charm him and make him fall for her ruse, she used everything in her female arsenal. Her heart was pounding so furiously. She was really eager to return to Xie Limo’s side.

“That had better be the case!” After speaking, Wang Qianjin let go of Yun Bixue’s chin, but the feeling of her soft skin lingered on his fingers.

Wang Qianjin walked out of the bedroom and asked someone to call for the private doctor to check Yun Bixue. He then wore his coat and left the villa to buy the pads.

Even though it was very much against his will, he had no idea what compelled him to do so in the end.

The moment Xie Limo ended his call with Wang Qianjin, he mustered all of his strength and focused it all on finding the location of his wife.

From the noble families to the beggars on the streets, Xie Limo made full use of the entire city’s strength and resources.

Only he had the charisma to mobilize all these people.

At that moment, the noble families had truly comprehended the extent of the Xie family’s power, and it was something they never could’ve expected. It was unfathomable—a realm on its own.

The hand that Xie Limo revealed this time rendered people speechless, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Xie Liu looked at the serious expression on Young Master Xie’s face and noticed that the dark and gloomy mood surrounding him had disappeared. Finally, they could all let out a breath of relief.

They knew that this was because he finally got news about Young Madam, causing his heart to come alive once again.

After arranging for everything, Xie Limo tracked the cell phone’s signal and drove to search personally.

On the car, all that filled Xie Limo’s mind was Yun Bixue—her figure and enticing smiles, her laughter and anger, her sorrow and beauty… He remembered her every expression vividly.