Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Su Lenghan's Disappointment And Resignation

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Recalling Li Wenhui filled Meng Xinyan’s entire being with so much hatred. Even though she destroyed Li Wenhui’s face, she didn’t expect that b*tch to appear again. Her appearance outside her house, coupled with Su Lenghan’s departure, had caused an influx of negative emotions within her. Because of this, she went into labor and gave birth prematurely.

The nurses refused to look at Meng Xinyan, while Chen Pei only cared about her when she asked her for money. As for her younger brother, he was always involved in fights and caused trouble for her to settle. He did not even treat her like his elder sister.

Meng Xinyan’s entire persona changed—she turned into a twisted person.

Initially, she placed her hopes on bearing a son since a mother’s prestige rose with her son, but now that that failed, she wanted to prove her own existence more than ever. That was why she ordered and bullied people around every day, as though trying to prove that she was better than the rest.

When Meng Xinyan went to the washroom, two nurses at the corridor looked at her and mocked, “Look at that. She really thinks she’s the Young Madam of the Su family, but other than spending money on her, none of them came to visit her.”

“That woman is heartless. She didn’t even look at her own daughter. With a mother like that, how far would the apple fall from the tree?”

“Yeah, exactly. She used to rely on and flaunt her ties with the Meng family. She didn’t even treat us nurses like human beings. Hmph. Now, the Meng family had cut off all ties with her. I even heard that all of their assets have been transferred to Meng Xintong.”

“She’s far better than Meng Xinyan. Young Master Su really has incredible patience. If I were in his shoes, I would have ditched her a long time ago.”

“Look at her now. How ugly.”

Of course, Meng Xinyan heard their conversation, so she went up to them to pull their hair, but the two nurses were able to dodge her. After all, Meng Xinyan was still recovering from giving birth, so her strength was not like before. Their dodge resulted in Meng Xinyan falling straight to the floor.

“Ah! Are you okay? Here, let me help you.” A nurse who was taking care of Meng Xinyan ran over to her.

She pretended to help Meng Xinyan. Halfway through, she loosened her grip, which caused Meng Xinyan to fall once again with a thud.

“Oh! My hand slipped. Sorry about that. Are you okay? You two, help me here.”

These people held grudges with Meng Xinyan. Their grudge was so deep that they wished that they could toss her out of the hospital.

Meng Xinyan pointed her finger at the nurses in front of her. “I will tell the hospital’s administration to fire all of you! I’ll sue you all!”

“Wow, she really thinks that she’s the Young Madam of the Su family and the Miss Meng of the Meng family! Hmph! Let’s not waste our time with this kind of person…”

Meanwhile, Su Lenghan was talking to his daughter. “Look at this, Yangyang. This is a rattle drum. When you grow up, I will buy another one for you. This is a singing doll from Auntie Yun. We have no idea where she is right now, but let’s hope that she’s well, okay?”

When Su Lenghan heard the commotion outside, he opened the door and asked the nurses, “What’s going on?”

“Young Master Su, it’s Young Madam Su. She’s fighting with the nurses.”

Su Lenghan frowned but did not go over to take a look. He didn’t know how to deal with Meng Xinyan. With the way she treated her own daughter, it wasn’t hard to figure out how she would treat other people.

Ever since their daughter was born, she had never breastfed her. Not even once. The doctors had mentioned that breastmilk was the best for a baby’s health and immune system, but Meng Xinyan feared that her figure would be affected, so she was unwilling to do so.

He could only buy the best milk formula for his daughter.

It was not that he wasn’t disappointed, it was because he had no choice. He couldn’t change Meng Xinyan, so he could only treat their daughter better.