Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 555

Chapter 555 The Last Straw In The Past

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The nurse glanced at Young Master Su cautiously. Looking at the hardened expression on his face, she asked, “Young Master Su, aren’t you going to stop her?”

Su Lenghan curled his thin lips. “I can’t stop her either.” It was true. He no longer knew how to face and deal with Meng Xinyan. It seemed useless now as he felt that he had used up all his effort. He didn’t even want to look back on their wonderful memories in the past.

In the end, the doctor sedated Meng Xinyan, and her ruckus finally ceased as soon as she fell asleep.

The hospital was supposed to be a quiet place, but with Meng Xinyan around, she frequently caused chaos. Everyone hoped that the end of her confinement would come quickly, or that she would be transferred away.

An Yexuan was in University T and was about to leave. He had already booked his plane ticket, but since Ning An City was in a lockdown state, no one could enter or leave at all. Even if he used his status as a member of the An family from Tian Jing City, he couldn’t leave and return home.

Upon hearing that Yun Bixue was missing, his heart skipped a beat, and he felt a strange sensation. However, the moment he thought about what happened to Chu Fei’er, An Yexuan suppressed his feelings, and he forced himself to dislike and loathe her.

Many a time, An Yexuan didn’t realize that he had been hypnotizing himself by always telling himself that Yun Bixue was a vicious and scheming person—the one responsible for Chu Fei’er’s plight.

No matter what Miao Zifu had said, he wouldn’t believe her.

One could say that Chu Fei’er understood An Yexuan very well. By using fire to flee and cause her death, it would be the most excellent trigger for An Yexuan. This side of him that was full of hatred and vengeance was the toughest and most dangerous.

All sorts of evidence pointed to the fact that Chu Fei’er had actually used An Yexuan as her weapon—a weapon that she controlled in her hands.

If she were still alive, An Yexuan would never bear to turn against Yun Bixue, no matter how badly Chu Fei’er spoke of her. An Yexuan would always treat Yun Bixue graciously and kindly.

Besides a few harmless questions, An Yexuan hadn’t shown Yun Bixue any bad intentions during their university days. Little did they know that it was the last straw that made Chu Fei’er kill herself during the fire. This ultimately sent An Yexuan over the edge, and he finally acted against the Yun family, leaving Yun Bixue desolate.

However, Chu Fei’er wouldn’t even have dreamed that her actions just made Yun Bixue depressed for a short while. In the end, she had aided Yun Bixue and Xie Limo to get together, and Yun Bixue was now living a blissful life.

Chu Fei’er could only swallow down everything that she had done.

An Yexuan said to the people around him, “Yun Bixue ended up like this because she had done something unforgivable.”

“Young Master An, the citizens of Ning An City speak well of Yun Bixue. It doesn’t seem like she has done anything wrong.”

“Would an evil person’s thoughts be written all over his face? Don’t be deceived by her innocent look.” It seemed as though An Yexuan was convincing himself as he spoke to the people around him.

“I understand.”

An Yexuan thought that it would be great if Yun Bixue were to vanish just like that. This time, he didn’t even need to lift a finger. He could finally make up to Chu Fei’er, who had passed away.

In a villa somewhere, Yun Bixue was making small talk with the private doctor. When the doctor was about to do a body check-up, Yun Bixue’s hand swiftly reached out and covered the doctor’s mouth. At the same time, she grabbed the doctor’s hand with her other hand and swung her legs from underneath the blanket to kick her.

With a move of her arm, she knocked her out. After tediously pulling her up on the bed, she removed the white robe from her body and put it on herself.

Yun Bixue bit her lip and forced herself to remain calm as she changed her hairstyle. She did everything in a hurry. After taking in a deep breath, she picked up the doctor’s medical bag and walked outside. She had now assumed her doctor’s identity.