Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 557

Chapter 557 A Man Won't Shed Tears Easily

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Yun Bixue felt she was about to lose her consciousness, and because of this, she almost crashed the car several times into railings and buildings. When she saw a small knife in the dashboard, she gritted her teeth and slashed her leg with it. The pain made her stay alert, allowing her to drive continuously.

Someone made a police report about a woman stealing a car. Ultimately, it was reported to Xie Liu, who contacted Young Master Xie immediately. At the same time, the operation to capture Young Master Wang began.

With a goal in mind, Xie Limo accelerated his car to the highest speed.

After circling one round, he didn’t manage to locate Yun Bixue at all. Xie Limo’s gaze flickered as he recalled the small car earlier. A glint flashed across his exquisite eyes, and his expression turned solemn.

“I understand now. Send me the CCTV footage and check which direction the car went.”

Xie Limo watched the footage personally. As he watched the car almost crashing into the railings and flipping over multiple times, he felt anxious deep down.

Halfway through the video, Xie Limo revved the car engine and sped away. He already knew what that place was.

He knew where she was headed.

Xie Limo could feel his heart thumping aggressively as waves of emotions crashed through his heart. Finally. He could finally see the woman he loved—the woman that he had missed so much.

Indeed, as he drove towards that villa, he received a call from his servants confirming that Yun Bixue had arrived there.

When Wang Qianjin failed to locate Yun Bixue, he realized that he had been too late. In a split second, he left the villa, and consequently, the plan to capture him also failed.

After arriving at the villa, Xie Limo parked the car and ran through the yard and into the house. The servants hurriedly reported, “When Young Madam came here, she was bleeding, and her clothes were stained with blood. She passed out in the living room, and everyone quickly helped her into the bedroom. We could only call you and report it to you straight away. We’ve already called the doctor.”

Xie Limo immediately whipped out his phone. He set out an order for Ling Nanchen to bring his team over.

Before Ling Nanchen could reply, Xie Limo ended the call. He strode up into the bedroom. When he saw the person lying on the bed, his heart wrenched terribly.

He was really afraid because this wasn’t just a dream. Yet, it did feel like just a dream. It was his Bixue! She was the person that he protected, so why did she end up like this? She looked so fragile that he didn’t even dare to approach her. His footsteps unconsciously became faint as he was gravely afraid that he would startle her.

“Young Master Xie, we didn’t dare to change Young Madam’s clothes. We were waiting for you to return.” It was because of her injuries that they didn’t dare to move her. If they were to change her clothes and clean her up, they might cause further harm.

“Go get a set of clean clothes.”

“Yes, sir.”

Xie Limo walked slowly to the side of the bed. His heart shuddered and ached. His eyes were swollen, and they stung with tears that were about to fall, but Xie Limo suppressed his emotions. In the end, his eyes became bloodshot, and their redness was too intense.

Who caused her to end up in this state? He would destroy him! The fury and pain he felt at the moment were beyond compare.

Xie Limo gently swept the strands of hair away from the sides of Yun Bixue’s face. Holding her hands, he said fervently, “Didn’t I ask you to take care of yourself? Why must you make me worry about you?” Xie Limo’s gentle voice sounded choked up.

A man wouldn’t shed tears so easily because he hadn’t been terribly upset. He might not have cried, but his heart ached so much as though it was dripping blood.

Yun Bixue was utterly spent and exhausted. After a continuous period of torture and uptight emotions, her physical strength had been completely drained. She had also forced herself to make her way to the other villa before letting down her guard. Once she finally felt secure and at ease, she collapsed on the floor.

Xie Limo was somewhat versed in medical assessment. He examined the wound on Yun Bixue’s head and the cast on her leg intently. Her elbows were full of red scars, and her thigh had been slashed with a knife. The longer he looked, the more shocked he was.