Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Treated Her With Extreme Care

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Xie Limo felt his heart getting ripped apart inch by inch. How did his wife end up like this?

His heart already ached terribly when she was scalded, so with her current injuries, the pain in his heart was even worse. He desperately wanted to stab his chest with a knife. That would feel better than this excruciating pain he was feeling.

He couldn’t bear to say a single word as she was still unconscious. Afraid of hurting and losing her, he treated and handled her as though she was a fragile porcelain—his touch and movements were extremely gentle.

Today, he finally understood what it meant to feel that way.

He blamed himself even more. He was critical of everything he did, and it was because he didn’t protect her well. It was all his fault.

Although the wound on Yun Bixue’s leg had already been treated, it still hurt his heart. It seemed painful to even breathe as well.

He bent down and kissed Yun Bixue’s lips. He whispered, “I’m sorry. You suffered so much because of me. You blame me too, right? I’m your husband, but I’ve failed to protect you. I didn’t do my duties well. It’s my fault.”

As the Xie family’s heir, Xie Limo wielded control over everyone and never needed to say sorry. Nonetheless, he had to apologize to his wife. Besides those words of apology, he didn’t know what else to say.

Since the day she married him, he had promised that he would never allow her to regret her actions. He would try his best to protect and love her. Despite this, she got hurt in the end because of him.

Xie Limo felt his eyes getting damp. After touching the corner of his eye, he realized that it was indeed wet. His hands trembled, disbelief written all over his face. Were they really his tears?

After Ling Nanchen received Xie Limo’s call, he knew that things weren’t looking great. He immediately called Xie Liu and requested for the address before rushing over.

The moment he saw Yun Bixue, he was also taken aback. It was, indeed, a shock for one’s eyes. Her leg, head, and feet were covered with wounds. Even though she had already been cleaned and changed into fresh clothes, the house was still reeking of blood.

Ling Nanchen thought that there were places he shouldn’t see or touch, so he turned around and taught Xie Limo how to apply the ointment on her body.

Under Ling Nanchen’s guidance, Xie Limo carefully disinfected and treated Yun Bixue’s wounds before applying the ointment. He only used the most expensive medicine for her.

Usually, Ling Nanchen treated them as though they were gems. If no one’s life was threatened, he was resolute on not using them. This time, he brought all of them, and Young Master Xie was using them generously.

This expensive ointment had wonderful effects. Aside from treating wounds, it wouldn’t leave any scars. Not only that, but it also made the skin whiter and clearer.

After finishing this task, Xie Limo’s tensed mind finally relaxed. He turned to Ling Nanchen and said, “Let her rest. I’ll watch over her, so go and stay in the living room. I’ll call you if I need anything.”

The corners of Ling Nanchen’s mouth twitched. Looking at Xie Limo’s bloodshot eyes and the stubble of his growing beard, he was rather frightened. He confirmed that Xie Limo hadn’t slept in days.

“You need to sleep. If she were to see you like this when she wakes up, she’ll feel anxious.”

Xie Limo shook his head. “I’m fine. I can’t fall asleep anyway. I’ll only be at ease if I watch over her.”

Looking at Xie Limo’s determined expression, Ling Nanchen couldn’t argue anymore. The eldest grandson of the Xie Family being loyal and loving was a genetic trait. Although it was a good thing, it would expose his weakness.

However, after meeting her several times, he thought that Yun Bixue was pretty decent and could match up to Xie Limo. Although this woman wasn’t strong enough now, she would be worthy of standing beside Xie Limo one day as they take on the world.

Before leaving, Ling Nanchen said, “Based on her wound’s location and angle, she had stabbed her leg herself. It was probably to stay awake and alert.”