Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Young Master Didn't Rest For Several Nights And Days

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Ling Nanchen’s words struck Xie Limo like a bolt of lightning. His heart trembled as he tried to imagine the situation she had been in for her to inflict such pain on herself.

Didn’t she know that it would hurt him more if she stabbed her leg rather than his heart?

Now, Xie Limo’s heart ached so much that it grew numb. He stared intently at Yun Bixue, his eyes filled with overwhelming emotions.

Looking at Xie Limo’s trembling body, Ling Nanchen regretted telling him. Despite growing up with Xie Limo, he didn’t really understand him fully.

He always thought that Xie Limo was confident and composed, and that nothing could bring him down. When dealing with all sorts of matters, he was always well-prepared. Just looking at him would calm himself down.

Xie Limo had indeed fulfilled everyone’s expectations of him. It was as though he could conquer every single obstacle.

He knew that the eldest grandson of the Xie family cared a lot about his loved ones, but he had never imagined that an elegant and exquisite man like Xie Limo would fall so deeply in love with a woman and care so much for her.

Back then, he really couldn’t understand nor imagine this. After all, Xie Limo did not allow any woman to come close to him in the past. Now, after truly loving someone, his heart became so fragile.

Ling Nanchen sighed. Young Master Xie’s weakness was growing. Without a doubt, it was Yun Bixue—he was absolutely sure of it.

He only hoped that the couple would be alright in the future. If those targeting Xie Limo were to learn of his weakness, they would naturally use it to their advantage. If they couldn’t deal with Young Master Xie, they would deal with Yun Bixue. If Yun Bixue were to be hurt or sad, Xie Limo would feel the most tortured. In the past, Xie Limo was invincible, but now that he had Yun Bixue, things had changed.

After Ling Nanchen stepped out of the bedroom, Xie Limo kissed Yun Bixue’s forehead. His gaze was fixated on her, as though he couldn’t get enough of her.

Yun Bixue seemingly felt something. In her dreams, she slightly tilted her head, and this revealed her right cheek where a red handprint could be seen.

The instant he noticed it, an ominous fury flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. It was so intense and dark that it could burn someone to ashes. They were flames of anger fueled by heartache.

He tightly clenched his fists at his sides, making the veins in his hands bulge.Wang Qianjin!

It was still inappropriate for the Xie and Wang families to clash head-on, but after seeing that handprint, he was brimming with murderous intent towards the Wang family.

His fury had made him so blind to reason that he failed to realize that Yun Bixue had actually slapped herself. He assumed that Wang Qianjin did it.

If he hadn’t been afraid of disturbing Yun Bixue’s peaceful slumber, he would have punched the mattress with all his might.

Everyone felt so anxious as they watched him. No matter how strong his body was, it would eventually give in. Without sleeping for several nights, along with the stress and anxiety, he would surely fall sick!

“Young Master Xie, if Young Madam were to wake up and see you like this, she would be sad. The stress it would cause will get in the way of her recovery.”

Xie Limo hesitated and answered, “I’ll take a shower every day. She wouldn’t know.”

Xie Liu looked at Young Master Xie’s devoted expression and couldn’t do anything else. He really wanted to tell Young Master Xie that he didn’t just look tired—his overall aura revealed that he was completely drained. It was, in particular, most apparent in his eyes. Young Madam was so perceptive, so how would she not find out?

Xie Liu truly wanted to tell him that in his face, but seeing how determined and stubborn he was, he chose not to speak. While Young Master Xie wasn’t paying attention, Xie Liu hit the back of his neck with his elbow, causing Xie Limo to faint at once.