Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Miao Zifu's Helplessness and Envy

An Yexuan's stern face turned cold. His slender fingers pinched the handle of the tea cup, and he took a slow sip. He said blandly, "There's no need to fetch her back. Let's eat, everyone!"

Master Meng knew that the An family's heir was talented and scheming. He was also mysterious and unpredictable, and Master Meng could not comprehend why he agreed to a meal at the Meng's. With decades of experience, Master Meng had considered himself to be adequate at reading people, but he couldn't see through An Yexuan at all. No one could decipher the latter's mind.

By the time Miao Zifu arrived at the Meng family home in a woeful state, they had already finished their meal. This time, Chen Pei no longer looked at Miao Zifu as earnestly as before, but instead with a hint of derision.

Similarly, Meng Xinyan no longer acted as intimately with her as before. Their attitudes dampened Miao Zifu's heart and her feelings of humiliation and unjustice intensified. Just wait, she would make these people regret this.

When she left with An Yexuan, Miao Zifu continued to be absent-minded and An Yexuan didn't ask after her. When it came to Miao Zifu's presence, he neither rejected it nor attempted to get closer.

Miao Zifu walked out the doors of the Meng family home. Looking back at Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan, her heart swelled with envy. The couple had already started to discuss their marriage, yet she didn't know when she could finally occupy a space in An Yexuan's heart.

After Yun Bixue and Xie Limo returned home, she washed her hands and started to prepare the food. Recalling her grandfather, she still felt worried.

"Grandfather's health is fine. I've sent some people to guard him, and there won't be anyone disturbing his rest. Nanchen has gone over too. You can rest assured and prepare the meal. When Grandfather is awake, I'll make sure to inform you first."

Yun Bixue could finally sigh in relief. Her grandfather was in the ICU, and she could only wait outside. With the top-grade doctor, Ling Nanchen, around, she felt more at ease.

Yun Bixue put on an apron, and Xie Limo walked forward to tie a bow on her back. Yun Bixue could feel him coming closer. He was as beautiful as snow, as elegant as a flower and was simply dazzling. Her heart tensed up involuntarily.

Xie Limo looked as Yun Bixue long hair tumbled around her; it was smooth like satin yet somewhat of a hindrance. He found a hairband and lightly bundled her hair up.

At this moment, it was as if time had stopped and she blanked out. It seemed as though every action could appear graceful if Xie Limo was the one doing it. His hand combed through her hair, and she recalled her feelings earlier that day when his hand glided across her skin. She blushed involuntarily and stood there awkwardly.

"Limo, are you done?"

Xie Limo's eyes swirled darkly as he looked down at his wife's reddened earlobes. His lips curled as he said, "Done."

Because of this small incident, Yun Bixue couldn't concentrate on cooking. When she cut the vegetables, a cry rang out. She'd cut her finger.

On the sofa, Xie Limo resignedly helped Yun Bixue cleanse the wound and put on a band-aid.

Looking at the silent Xie Limo, Yun Bixue felt anxious. "Am I too clumsy?" She'd wanted to prepare a sumptuous meal, but it ended up like this. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have been distracted.

Xie Limo nodded. "You're quite clumsy, always getting hurt." With how things had rolled out, it looked like he shouldn't count on her to prepare their meals anymore.

In the afternoon, Yun Bixue dashed to the Yun family ancestral home right after lunch. "Yang Mei, you handled today's affairs very well!" Yang Mei's skills at operating the computer were internationally acclaimed and hacking into the supermarket's CCTV system was easy for her. It was just that she looked masculinewith sharp facial features and a neat buzz cut. In fact, Yun Bixue had mistaken her for a man the first time they met.

"Miss, that's something your subordinates should be able to do," Yang Mei replied. To her, protecting Yun Bixue was a given.